Memorial Flowers

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Memorial flowers and baskets allow you to send your sympathy directly to a loved one's home. 

Sending memorial flowers for the service or surrounding an urn in the Greater Albuquerque area from Peoples Flowers is a poignant way to pay tribute to a loved one's memory. Our team understands the significance of these moments and offers a range of beautifully crafted memorial floral arrangements that honor and celebrate a life well-lived. Whether you choose a serene and elegant arrangement of white lilies and roses to convey purity and love or opt for vibrant blooms that reflect the individuality of the departed, our floral designs are created with care and respect. We take pride in our ability to work closely with you to create custom memorial arrangements that capture the essence of your loved one's personality and the significance of their life. Our goal is to provide solace and comfort during these difficult times, offering a source of beauty and remembrance that surrounds the urn or graces of the memorial service. With Peoples Flowers, you can trust that your memorial flowers will be a heartfelt tribute that brings solace and healing to those who are grieving, leaving a lasting impression of the love and respect you hold for the departed.

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