Lily Care

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A pair of striking pink lilies inside a simple glass vase

How to Care for Lilies in a Vase

Begin by finding a clean vase and filling it ¾ of the way with water. Then, measure and trim the stems of your lilies at a 45-degree angle and remove any foliage that may sit in the vase water. Many people also prefer to remove the anthers found in the center of the bloom by gently pinching with a tissue or cutting. This step prevents pollen from staining clothes, furniture, and even the lily's petals, which can cause premature wilting.

Display your lilies in a bright yet cool location, away from direct sunlight, windowsills, and drafts from air vents. Since these flowers can be toxic to pets, finding the perfect spot on a tall shelf or out of reach is a great idea. Tending to your fresh-cut lilies daily will also ensure they thrive for as long as possible. Be sure to give their stems a fresh trim as you change their water.

True lilies, including Asiatic, stargazer, and easter lilies, can last in a vase of water for well over a week, with some reaching ten days. Although beautiful and elegant, calla lilies are not true lilies and require different care.

Pro Tip:

Lilies are delicate flowers, so it's crucial that you mindfully handle them with care. As you change their water and trim their stems, be extra gentle.