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Posted by peoplesflowers on July 2, 2018 Flowers

Take A Floral Vacation

The next time you plan a romantic getaway, maybe for an anniversary or other special occasion, add a bit of excitement by sending flowers from your special destination. Show her how much you’re looking forward to spending time with her exploring this new place with a bouquet of flowers like what she’ll discover when she’s there. Peoples Flower Shops has many bright, romantic arrangements prepared with flowers from all over the world. Talk to us about your next adventure and how we can help tie the trip together with flowers from that region.

For example, if you’re taking an anniversary trip to Hawaii sometime soon, help set the mood and build excitement with our Hawaiian Bliss piece. This one-of-a-kind arrangement includes Birds of Paradise, Anthurium, and Ginger, arriving in a leaf-wrapped glass cube vase filled with sand and rocks. All native to Hawaii, this gorgeous display will inspire her to start packing immediately!

Bring Hawaii to her and set the tone for love and romance before your adventure even begins. Looking forward to an upcoming vacation is part of the fun, and you will make it so special when you let her know how excited you are, as well. Wherever you plan to travel soon, Peoples Flower Shops can help you bring it all together with gorgeous bouquet straight from that region of the world.