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Posted by peoplesflowers on September 25, 2019 | Last Updated: March 30, 2021 Flowers

The Best Types of Plants to Send Someone in the Hospital

Sitting in a hospital room to recover from an injury or illness can be a trying experience. The bland walls and stuffy air can easily deplete people’s spirits. Amazingly, however, the simple addition of a plant in the room can make an incredible difference. Studies have even found that people with plants in their hospital rooms report less pain, less fatigue, and even more positive feelings than those who do not. If someone you care about has been hospitalized, presenting them with a plant from People’s Florist in Albuquerque can be an excellent way to put a smile on their face, freshen the air, and even help their recovery.

Here are a few ideas to get started.

The beauty of succulents and greenery in hospital rooms

When giving your loved one a plant, you want to make sure that your present will not require too much work for them. Some hospital rooms also do not have access to too much natural light. Fortunately, there are a number of plants that fit these criteria. Our Succulent Garden, for example, offers a lovely variety and vibrant greens without asking for too much care from the recipient.

Introducing the ever so popular Succulent Garden. Super easy care and long lasting. Perfect for a kitchen, bathroom, patio or office. We offer same-day Succulent delivery to Albuquerque, NM, surrounding areas or nationwide.

Succulent Garden

Other potential options for plants include arrowhead vines and Chinese evergreens.

Adding even more color with flowering plants

Many people also appreciate the lovely colors that flowering plants can offer. Keep in mind that within a confined space, like a hospital room, very fragrant flowers or those that have a lot of pollen might not work as well. One of our lovely kalanchoe plants, however, can fit the occasion well. These dainty flowers add a burst of color without overpowering the area. Many patients also appreciate azaleas.

Brightly colored Kalanchoe Plants are sure to brighten anyone's day.

Kalanchoe Plant

Things to keep in mind

If you are looking for a plant to send a loved one, be sure to verify any relevant policies with the hospital and give the florist all the important information they need– including the patient room number.

Sending a loved one a flower to help them feel better while in the hospital is a wonderful way to say you care. Consider which plant will find the needs of your loved ones best and let People’s Flowers help you say you are thinking of them.

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