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Why Roses are for June

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 2.59.41 PMThe birth flower for the month of June is the rose. The rose is the ultimate expression of love, desire, and passion.

The rose (not necessarily red, however,) is the sacred symbol of the Ancient Goddesses, Aphrodite, and Venus. It is also connected with Adonis, Cupid, and Eros – who was Aphrodite’s son. As a symbol for the month of June, roses convey certain meanings, including an intense fulfillment of desires, a full life, and vitality.

Some Historical Information on Roses

Roses most likely originated in China. Now they are grown from Africa to the Americas and from the Far East to Eastern Europe. A Sumerian Cuneiform tablet from around 2860 B.C. mentioned roses. What may be the earliest evidence of roses was found in rose fossils from 35 million years ago. Confucius noted that the Chinese Imperial Library had many books about roses.

When the English War of the Roses was being fought in the 15th century, botanists were actively growing and hybridizing different rose species. After his victory in that battle, King Henry VII asked that botanists create a Tudor Rose. That rose subsequently became England’s national flower. It also happens to be the national flower of the United States.

Understanding the Meaning of Common Rose Colors

Red roses are always seen as an expression of love. Red roses can express your deepest emotions such as desire, love, longing, or passion. They can also express admiration, devotion, or respect. A rose in a deep red shade can also represent a sense of sorrow, or it can convey a feeling of deep regret about something.


Orange roses are reminiscent of a fiery blaze. They symbolize energy and passion. They also express a fervent and intense desire. Next to red roses, orange roses suggest romantic or passionate feelings.

Pink roses are used to express feelings of admiration, gratitude, or joy. Light pink suggests sweetness and innocence while deep pink symbolizes appreciation and gratitude. Pink is also connected with grace and elegance.


White roses represent new beginnings, which is why they are often used in bridal bouquets. White also suggests chastity, innocence, and purity as well as humility, spirituality, and sympathy.


Yellow roses convey happy feelings such as caring, friendship, and joy. They are never connected with romantic feelings, so the emotions they convey are connected with platonic love.

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