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Posted by peoplesflowers on August 12, 2018 | Last Updated: August 13, 2018 Flowers

Summery, Bee-Friendly Sunflowers

A beautiful garden can be a purposeful use of space that provides food, resources and a home for certain pollinators like bees. Flowers like sunflowers can work hard for your garden and encourage a healthy outdoor environment. Their height can provide much-needed shade for shorter stalks. Bees are enticed by their bright yellow petals. Bringing pollinating bees to your garden is an excellent way to help fight the declining numbers of bees. Peoples Flowers loves sunflowers and has several options for you to include in your summer garden.

Our sunflowers, available from August 1-31, are a great attraction to bees that are looking for shade and rich nectar from these dark centers. We’ll have Sunbright Dark Center, Teddy Bear, Sunrich and White Nite varieties on hand. Any or all of these beauties will make a gorgeous, bee-friendly addition to your garden.

Including sunflowers in your garden or backyard is a fantastic way to be purposeful about how you enjoy nature. Do good for the environment by providing necessary tools for pollinators and give your yard a rustic, farm-fresh look. Talk to the floral experts at Peoples Flowers today about more ways we can help you incorporate sunflowers into your outdoor space.