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Summer Botanicals to Spark Joy in Your Home

Place a few arrangements of summer’s brightest and most colorful blooms throughout your home and you’ll be amazed at the transformation! Explosions of color, lush blossoms and an intoxicating fragrance will exude warmth, joy, and happiness in your home. The benefits of fresh botanicals in your home are many: they boost moods, clean the air, and make everyone smile. Here at Peoples Flowers, Albuquerque’s premier florist, we love being surrounded by the fantastic blossoms of summer. There are so many amazing ones to love, we can’t list them all. So, below you will discover some of our favorite summer florals that are stunning and definitely spark joy in us – and hopefully in you too!

Warmer weather and longer days result in an explosion of colorful blooms all around us and signal that summer is finally here. Along with enjoying a plethora of fun outdoor activities, we also get to enjoy some of Mother Nature’s most vibrant and color-rich plants and flowers. From bold and brash to subtle and sweet, summer botanicals offer a large variety of colorful blossoms to satisfy everyone’s taste. Bring some summer blooms into your home and bask in the happiness and beauty they provide. The floral experts here at have rounded up the best and the brightest of summer botanicals for all your floral needs

Summer’s All-Star Flowers

Lush, big, bold, and bright, these popular flowers are ubiquitous during the summer months and for good reason – they are simply dazzling!


Roses love the summer sun! Fragrant, lush, and beautiful, it’s no wonder this bloom is the most popular flower in the world. There are over a hundred different species and thousands of rose cultivars grown in gardens and on farms across the globe. This beloved flower is cherished in nearly every culture and has long been a symbol of love. Roses grow in a vast number of different colors, each with its own special meaning and symbolism, which, no doubt, has helped its rise in popularity.


Magnificent and striking, dahlias love the sun. They are not fragrant, but more than make up for it with large, spiky blooms that grow in an amazing array of colors, sizes, and shapes. These eye-catching and remarkable flowers are showstoppers sure to impress everyone.


A popular flower with June brides, the lush, gorgeous peony flower has a charming romanticism about it that makes it particularly special. This bloom can grow very big depending on the variety and comes in a range of light pink, dark pink, peach, white, lavender, and red colors. Peonies make fantastic cut flowers enhancing any arrangement or are striking and elegant when placed in a vase by themselves.


A classic symbol of summer, the sunflower radiates the energy and magnificence of the sun. With an enormous bloom of yellow petals surrounding a large round center, the sunflower is a popular flower in most summer arrangements due to its bright, happy, and sun-shining brilliance.


Happy, charming, and smile-inducing, daisies are synonymous with summer. Blooming in June and July, there are several varieties of daisies, but the most recognizable type is the Shasta Daisy. This variety has white petals surrounding a yellow center and can be seen in gardens and fields across the country.

Summer Wildflowers & More

Perhaps not as widely recognizable or flashy as the above summer florals, but these charming blooms are just as delightful and colorful and a great way to celebrate the perfect summer day.


Gaining in popularity recently, this gorgeous summer flower grows in a frilly, lush variety that resembles a rose. Coming in pink, purple, white, and green, this delicate and pretty flower looks great in a tall vase with some additional greenery.


With vibrant, gem-like colors, a sweet fragrance, and long vase life, freesias are a sun-loving bloom popular with florists and gardeners. These florals make great cut flowers and are often featured in summer bouquets.


Charming, daisy-like perennials with star-shaped blooms, asters grow in blue, purple, pink, and white. They are a delightful, pretty flower that will cheer up any room.


A popular wildflower, the cornflower has a light fragrance and grows in shades of pink, red, white, and purple. The blue variety, however, is the most popular due to its stunning and intense shade of blue. Frequently used as an accent flower in bouquets, the lovely cornflower holds up just fine on its own in a vase.


The lovely and attractive wax flower grows in clusters and is often used in wedding arrangements. Blooming in an assortment of colors, these romantic, long-lasting summer flowers symbolize success and long-lasting love.


Dainty and delightful, cosmos flowers are frilly, colorful, and cheerful. Growing in shades of pink, purple, orange, white, and red, these daisy-like blooms are a wonderful way to add a pop of color to your summer kitchen.

Take advantage of the best summer has to offer by bringing into your home the vibrant, colorful, and fragrant flowers of the season. You will be amazed at how alive your home will become as well as how these beautiful blooms will boost your spirits.

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