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Posted by peoplesflowers on August 31, 2015 | Last Updated: October 15, 2020 Flowers

September’s Birth Flower: The Aster

asterWhen it comes time to say goodbye to summer, the flower waiting to greet us in September is the aster, and it’s the official flower for September birthdays.

A vibrant flower that has over 180 species in its genus, the aster is a bloom full of rich history, mythology, and reverence. Here’s what you need to know about one of the first beautiful flowers of the fall season.

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Love Charms and Goddesses

Elegant and refined, the aster’s history has crossed continents and entered the mythology of many cultures. A famous Greek myth says asters are the tears of a goddess, and the flower even got its name from that tragic heroine: Asterea. Over the centuries, the aster was a familiar sight in fields of wildflowers with its relationship to other flowers like chrysanthemums, daisies, and marigolds.

In modern times, the aster’s importance to the start of the fall season has made it the perfect choice for the official flower of September. With its gorgeous pink and blue varieties, it’s flexible for different tastes. It’s also a stunning flower for a September flower arrangement in yellow when paired with spray roses, yellow lilies, and daisies. We might welcome shorter days in September, but that doesn’t mean the sunshine and lemonade of the summer is completely gone.

Asters: Beautiful in a Vase or in a Garden

Asters are a truly versatile flower with their appearance in September’s birthday arrangements and the gardens of homeowners all across the country. If you’re interested in planting a garden that blooms for many months, asters are an ideal addition since they bloom near the fall when other popular blooms have completed their annual appearance in your garden. Enjoy your garden as long as possible when you include asters as your late-season flowers.

If the closest you come to a “green thumb” is the weekly flower arrangement you place on your entryway table, asters are a perfect choice for your fall deliveries. If you have an immediate family member with a September birthday, surprise her with a unique and festive arrangement of yellow lilies, button mums, and Solidago, which are part of the aster family.


Asters are an ideal part of any flower arrangements with their vibrant colors and captivating history. Enjoyed across the world, asters are an easy way to add special meaning and symbolism to your gift. Welcome the fall with a flower arrangement of asters from Peoples Flowers, or give flowers to a special friend or family member for a birthday in September.

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