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Posted by peoplesflowers on December 26, 2016 | Last Updated: December 10, 2021 Flowers

Bouquets, Birthstones and Birthdays

birthstonesIf you ever struggle with what you should purchase for birthdays, flowers are the perfect gift. But you shouldn’t settle for any ordinary flowers – call us to assist you in designing a custom arrangement that is sure to impress. Everyone loves receiving flowers and for over 70 years, the Albuquerque community has relied upon the floral experts at Peoples Flowers to deliver the freshest, most uniquely beautiful arrangments for every occasion.

Birthstone bouquets are a thoughtful way to recognize someone’s birthday. As each month of the year has a birthstone associated with it,  that gem can be used to inspire a floral bouquet that reflects the exotic beauty and vivid colors of the precious stones. 
January features the garnet, and July showcases the ruby. Both are deep red stones, and birthstone bouquets are often comprised of amaryllis, red roses, or gerberas.

Here’s an Idea – Birthstones and birthdays are all about the bling! When designing a birthstone-inspired bouquet, add crystal accents, colored stones, and glittering details.


The February birthstone is the amethyst – a beautiful stone that shines in purple brilliance. These orchids make a striking February birthstone bouquet that is both sophisticated and elegant.

birthstonesMarch (aquamarine), September (sapphire), and December (turquoise) are represented by gemstones which exhibit varying blue shades, and blue delphinium, hydrangea, and periwinkles are beautiful floral expressions of these stones. April (diamond), June (pearl), and October (opal) can be designed with shades of white, although the opal’s luminescence allows for adding varying pastel shades. May (emerald) and August (peridot) feature rare green gemstones that translate into uniquely beautiful bouquets.  The month of November (topaz) is best expressed in shades of orange and gold.

We love celebrating birthdays! The talented floral designers at Peoples Flowers have the skill, creativity, and expertise necessary to create bouquets and arrangements that deliver all the joy and beauty of these special occasions.