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Flower Meanings for Valentine’s Day

flower meaningsThe Valentine’s Day holiday is a special time of year for honoring those we love most. While it is strongly associated with romantic love, any significant relationship can be celebrated on this holiday, which falls on February 14th each year. Friends, family members, and even favorite co-workers will appreciate a flower arrangement that shows you care.
The exact origins of Valentine’s Day are hazy, but some believe it has its roots in a pagan Roman fertility festival held around this time of year. In the year 496, Pope Gelasius recast the festival as a Christian holiday and feast in honor of a saint of the same name.

Today, Valentine’s Day is a holiday for lovers and showing affection through gifts from the heart. One of the most thoughtful ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is by sending flowers. The following are some of the color meanings of Valentine’s Day flowers:

Red. The significance of red for this holiday is embodied in the dozen red roses so often sent to romantic partners. Red symbolizes romance, deep love, and passion.

Yellow. If the recipient is a good friend, yellow flowers are the ideal color to honor your friendship. Yellow flowers also signify joy, cheer, and new beginnings.

Pink. This pastel color conveys affection, admiration, and gratitude.

Lavender or blue. These hues indicate your relationship has a very special, spiritual side.

Purple. Deeper tones of purple show reverence and majesty.

Orange. This warm color is associated with enthusiasm and desire.

White. White flowers emanate renewal, rebirth, and pure intention.

flower meanings

flower meanings

Iconic Roses

Roses are the classic Valentine’s Day flower, especially the red roses exchanged by romantic partners. However, roses in the colors described above can convey a very different message depending upon the recipient.

Exotic, Tropical Orchids

Orchids are an intriguing flower that can give a nice break from tradition in Valentine’s Day gift-giving.

Spring Tulips for Valentine’s Day

While spring is some time away, tulips are a refreshing fit as a flower for Valentine’s Day. They bring uplifting energy of renewal and offer hope as well as the promise of new beginnings.

The Elegance of Lilies

From Asiatic blooms to otherworldly white and pink and stargazers to trumpet-shaped calla lilies, this flower expresses unparalleled elegance.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate those we love most. From family members to dear friends to our true love, there’s an ideal flower and color for all the special people in your life. Contact Peoples Flower Shops to place your Valentine’s Day order.