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People’s Flowers – International Women’s Day


women's dayDid you know that to honor a woman who has had great success, that the appropriate gift is a laurel flower or palm plant? Or that if you wanted to wish her wealth and prosperity, you could send her alstroemeria or orchids? In order to thank mentors, teachers, and role models, pink roses are ideal; to tell her you think she is wise, a lotus flower makes a dramatic statement.


Flowers have a language all their own, and on March 8th, you have a unique opportunity to send a message to the women in your life who are making a difference in the world. International Women’s Day, officially observed in over 30 countries globally, originated over a century ago in the Soviet bloc; women gathered in rallies to demand better treatment and equal rights. The first time the movement was recognized in the United States was in New York City in 1909; however, it was an official sanction of the United Nations in 1977 that brought the initiative to the forefront in Western nations. In recent years, the internet has been instrumental in uniting women – and their advocates – from around the world; social media campaigns and hashtags like #PledgeforParity are the clarion cry for a new generation of women dedicated to creating a better world for all women and girls everywhere.

women's day

The list of women who have had an influence on American history is long and esteemed, from Clara Barton to Eleanor Roosevelt; Harriet Tubman to Rosa Parks. That being said, there are thousands of not-so-famous women right here in the Albuquerque area who perform heroic acts of influence every day- mentors, police officers, doctors, and nurses, educators, business people, philanthropists – women who strive daily for advancement, equality and peace in every part of society.


The women in your life make contributions to the lives of others every day – so let People’s Flower Shops help you select the perfect bouquet or floral arrangement for each of them. On March the 8th, International Women’s Day, join countless people around the world in solidarity to elevate the position of women everywhere. Call us today for more ideas and to schedule a delivery.