Set Your Thanksgiving Table Abloom

As you’re planning your Thanksgiving table this year, Peoples Flower Shops is here with a small PSA: don’t forget the flowers!

You’ve likely pulled out the heritage linens and the nice china. Maybe you’ve even polished up your silverware and are prepping the turkey on an antique platter. We put so much time and attention into how our Thanksgiving table is going to look, given the bounty it will offer and the friends and family who will soon gather around it. A floral centerpiece at the heart of it is a way of bringing all of the elements that go into Thanksgiving together.

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Centerpieces for Your Holiday Table

holiday tableThe holiday table is a place of great celebration, love, and laughter. For all of the traditions that we enjoy, it is the dinner that is most anticipated and most remembered. Many people pull out the box full of old decorations every year to decorate for this special holiday. But this year, the experts at Peoples Flowers suggest that you start a new tradition, and update your centerpieces to create a beautiful focal point for the Thanksgiving meal.

Striking contemporary fresh flower designs are our specialty. Our professional designers work with exquisite fall flowers such as gerberas, lilies, alstroemeria, and roses; ad well as eucalyptus, hypericum berries, and other natural elements. The warmth and comfort that exudes from these arrangements will bring all of that ambiance to your holiday table.
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Family Customs and Thanksgiving Celebrations

thanksgiving celebrations

Traditions have always been a part of our Thanksgiving celebrations. From the food we eat to the football games we watch, these customs have become a part of our lives. Peoples Flowers is proud to have been a part of many Albuquerque family’s traditions over the years, and we look forward to providing the beautiful flowers for your holiday table.
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Make the Cornucopia the Centerpiece of Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

cornucopiaEvery household wants their table to look extra special on Thanksgiving Day. Gathering with special people is a tradition Americans have observed since that first celebratory feast that the colonists shared with the Wampanoag Indians in 1621. One of the most iconic fixtures on fall harvest tables, but especially on Thanksgiving dinner tables is the Cornucopia.

Background on the Cornucopia

The word comes from two Latin words: cornu, meaning horn, and copia, roughly translated as plenty. The horn of plenty is also a symbol of the harvest. It is connected with prosperity, abundance, and of course, the harvest. It is traditionally filled with fresh fruits, nuts, ornamental corn, gourds, and often with flowers.

The cornucopia is believed to date back to the 5th century B.C. According to the Greek myth that surrounds its origin, the horn originally belonged to a goat named Almathea. She served as Zeus’ foster mother. Zeus was the son of Cronus and Rhea. Even though his son was a mere infant, Cronus was convinced that his son would grow up to overthrow him. He was determined to prevent that from ever happening. Rhea, fearing for her son’s welfare, sent him to live in a cave on Mount Ida where Almathea cared for him.

One day when Zeus and Almathea were playing, Zeus accidentally broke her horn off. She turned into a unicorn. The horn acquired magical powers. When Zeus grew older, remorse for the accident consumed him. He returned the horn to Almathea. Whenever Almathea wished for something, it would appear in the horn.

Throughout history, artists have depicted the cornucopia in their artwork, even though it first appeared as a word in the English dictionary in the 1500s. Artists representations always show the horn of plenty in settings where people are eating, and it sits on a table where it overflows with fruit, nuts, flowers and other delicacies.

Don’tcornucopia miss out on your chance to have a cornucopia centerpiece on your Thanksgiving dinner table. Our Autumn Cornucopia is full of giant sunflowers, orange roses, different colored mums and daisies, sprigs of wheat and decorative cinnamon sticks.

Be sure to let People’s Flower Shops help you decorate your Thanksgiving table. Contact us about flowers for your holiday home, today.


Thanksgiving at Peoples Flowers

thanksgivingHundreds of millions of Americans observe Thanksgiving each year, and the event carries almost 400 years of traditions and celebration. You might get up at 4 AM to put a turkey in the oven, you’ll light the tapers of your autumn floral arrangement, and you’ll have leftovers that last for days. However, it’s easy to forget why we celebrate Thanksgiving, so here’s a quick history of the holiday and the traditions we observe today.

A Successful Harvest and the First Thanksgiving

Today, we celebrate Thanksgiving as a day to get together with family and eat as much turkey as we can, but the holiday has gone through some dramatic changes over the past several centuries. First observed in 1621 after the Pilgrims had their first successful harvest, Thanksgiving was a three-day celebration between the settlers and the Native Americans. Without help from the native people, the Pilgrims may not have survived past that first terrible winter in 1620.

Although families today feast on giant turkeys, no actual record exists of the Pilgrims eating turkey. One of the only concrete features of the first Thanksgiving menu is the deer brought by the Wampanoag, who were natives invited by the governor for the feast.

Historians believe the food served at the first Thanksgiving was probably prepared with spices commonly used by the Native Americans of the era. The event was attended by 53 Pilgrims and 90 Wampanoag, and instead of bringing back turkey, the Pilgrim hunters probably brought back duck, lobster, and shellfish.

Celebrating Thanksgiving Today with Family

Millions of families celebrate a very traditional Thanksgiving with turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie, but the simple act of getting together with loved ones or friends has become important to many people around the country. Some families eat out for Thanksgiving and let someone else do the cooking while some couples celebrate with close friends and cook a wide variety of dishes from Italian cuisine to Mexican food.

Although the Thanksgiving celebrations of today are quite different from what the Pilgrims celebrated so many centuries ago, the idea of giving thanks for family and friends and helping those in need remains a strong part of the holiday season. It’s a holiday everyone can celebrate whether they have a huge extended family or just a few close friends.

Don’t forget to order your Thanksgiving flowers early from Peoples Flowers. Take a beautiful floral centerpiece as a gift if you’re traveling, or decorate with flowers in beautiful autumn hues at your Thanksgiving dinner celebration.


Thanksgiving and Hanukkah Converge on “Thanksgivukkah” for the First Time Since 1888!

thanksp4It may seem incredible, but Thanksgiving and Hanukkah very rarely converge, but this year it has happened for the first time since 1888! One recent article in the Washington Post noted that it may not happen again for another 77,798 years!thanksp1

However, it is happening now and for some of you that create some unique decorating challenges since November 28th is Thanksgiving and the first full day of the eight-day Jewish Festival of Lights. However, it does not have to be stressful but actually quite fun to combine the two special events.

The Peoples Flower Shops design team in Albuquerque has some decorating tips for the Thanksgivvukah table!

Decorating the Albuquerque Thanksgivvukah Table

Think about these decorating ideas for your home and feast table, which combines symbols from both holidays and pays respect to the meaning of each:

  • Use individual centerpieces next to each place setting or place a single rose on each plate. You can also place a decorative dreidel next to each place setting.thanxp1
  • Use more than one centerpiece along the center of the table, mixing small and large arrangements as well as add these to the foyer and guest bathroom in colors that acknowledge both holidays. This adds visual interest and even freshens each room with the scent of flowers.
  • Have the Peoples Flower Shops design team use a family heirloom like a vase or bowl to design a personalized holiday flower arrangement for your Thanksgivvukah table.
  • Try using a menurkey made out of gourds, wood, or metal, paying tribute to the symbols of both holidays. What is that you ask? Why it’s a menorah combined with iconic Thanksgiving symbols.thanxp2
  • Candles are a beautiful way to recognize both holidays while also create the perfect mood and ambiance during a very special dinner.

Order Your Thanksgiving and Hanukkah Flower Arrangements Now!

Even though Thanksgivvukah is just days away, it’s never too late to order your Thanksgiving centerpieces and Hanukkah flower arrangements. We deliver before and on November 28th so you can enjoy the natural beauty of flowers, flowering plants, and plants this special holiday season. thanxp3

Time to Give Thanks: Thanksgiving Flowers, Centerpieces, and Gifts

thanksp4With just a few weeks to go, Thanksgiving is nearly here. And, with it, comes time with family and friends as well as a focus on the most wonderful sentiment – giving thanks. Everyone has something to be thankful for and this is the time to think about those more important things in life that make life so rich and satisfying.

Whether you can be with family and friends this year or you will apart or you want to thank a colleague or client for a great year, consider Peoples Flower Shops in Albuquerque as your partner for Thanksgiving flowers, Thanksgiving centerpieces, and Thanksgiving gift baskets.thanksp1

Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements and Centerpieces

For your own table or to send your sentiment to a loved one, we’ve got some stunning Thanksgiving centerpieces as well as Thanksgiving bouquets full of fall flowers.  This includes our People Signature Series flower arrangements, which are exclusive to our shop and have been created by our amazing floral design team.

Our selection includes Thanksgiving centerpieces designed in cornucopia holders as well as those in traditional centerpiece designs, including those with and without candles and hurricane glass holders. There are all types of sizes and shapes to fit anyone’s Thanksgiving table and, of course, budget.thanksp3

For Thanksgiving, we also offer flowering plants, garden baskets, and dish gardens as well as a selection of indoor green plants all of which make a nice gift to bring as thanks for a Thanksgiving dinner invite.thanksp2

A Bounty of Thanksgiving Gifts

In addition to our gift baskets full of choices, including fresh seasonal fruit and gourmet goodies, we have expanded our Thanksgiving gift offering to include some other delicious options to bring or send for this year’s celebrations.

These goodies include everything from apple pie and apple berry crisp to mini cheesecake bites, cake pops, pear tart, brownies and cookies.

Thanksgiving Delivery Schedule

We plan on offering delivery on Thanksgiving throughout Albuquerque as well as across the country thanks to our flower network partners who share our commitment to quality, value, and service.thanksp5

We are already taking orders for Thanksgiving, so be sure to get your orders in early to ensure the best selection and value for your Thanksgiving flowers and gifts.