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Posted by peoplesflowers on July 20, 2019 | Last Updated: July 31, 2019 Flowers

5 College Survival Kit Essentials

Students are headed off to college soon and this is a big step for some. They’re ready to exert their independence and we just want to make sure they have everything they need. That’s why the designers at Peoples Flower Shops have created a list of back-to-school college survival kit essentials. So, set them up for success and help them have a smooth start to their semester with these great gift ideas.


Orange autumnal bouquet with lilies, daisies, and so much more!


Gorgeous Gifts of Joy

A Reminder From You Make sure students know how much you miss them, love them and support them as they venture off to college. A gorgeous floral bouquet, a fun indoor plant or an exciting gift basket are all great ways to celebrate their first week at college.



Send a gorgeous Gerbera Summer Garden bouquet full of bright, lush blooms. A clear glass vase bursts with every color of the rainbow in this whimsical and cheerful design.


golden yellow bouquet of bright daisies and more!



A sweet way to cheer up the dorm, our Sunny Spirits Bouquet is available for local or nationwide delivery. Yellow daisies and golden solidago created the sunniest design around. Tied with a bow and presented in a cube vase with an accent butterfly, this design easily spruces up any dorm room desk.




healthy gift basket with fruit, water, granola bars, and trail mix



Keep your student nourished and healthy as they plunge into the semester with Shelby’s Healthy Basket. Full of nuts, water, fresh and dried fruit and more, this basket is a great way to help them stay balanced and fresh.




Pothos house plant


A fresh Pothos Plant will do so much more than freshen a dorm room. With air-purifying qualities, this plant design brings nature inside for a breath of fresh air.

Other Gifts

Desk Organizer Staying organized is incredibly important in college. Help your student be successful and efficient with a desk organizer that fits inside their drawers or on top of their desk. They’ll be thankful to keep moving as they can find everything they need quickly and easily.

Safe Certain things just need to be protected in a dorm room or shared apartment. So, give students a way to protect financial records, sensitive documents and even some emergency cash. A small safe that can be tucked under the bed or in the back of a closet is the perfect way to protect these items.

Portable Chargers Students and their electronics are on the go these days. Make sure they stay charged up and connected wherever they are. Portable chargers help students stay powered up all day long.

Linens While brand new linens might look great in a college dorm room, sometimes students need a reminder of home. Send a homemade quilt or special pillow that reminds them of the comforts of home. They’ll appreciate it when they’re sleeping far away every night.

More than anything, students need to know that you are still thinking about them, caring for them and providing for them. When you send a thoughtful gift to your student, you let them know that you have their back and want to see them succeed this semester. For more college gift ideas, talk to the experts at Peoples Flower Shops. We will be happy to share more great ideas with you and we can help you find essential survival kit items for your student.