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Posted by peoplesflowers on September 7, 2019 | Last Updated: October 7, 2020 Flowers

You Need Fall Mums In Your Home and Garden

Some of the most beautiful fall flowers, chrysanthemums, are also some of the most fun to grow in your garden. Besides looking pretty throughout the fall months, mums are hardy enough to stand up to harsh autumn conditions as the temperatures drop. Plus, as perennials, they’ll be back year after year when properly cared for. With so many varieties to choose from, in an array of fall colors, you can create the garden you want when you incorporate mums into your Albuquerque landscape. Take a look at some of our favorite varieties at Peoples Flower Shops and choose something perfect for your autumn garden.

Pompon Chrysanthemums

Pompon Mums & Thistle Mums

Known for their short petals that comprise a globe-shaped head, pompon mums have a hidden disk in the center of the curved petals. Colorful and playful, these blooms can grow to be 2-3 feet tall, though their smaller counterparts, often called button mums, tend to grow much smaller. Poms are a smaller variety of disbud mums because they only have one bloom per stem. Thistle mums, also known as brush mums, are characterized by long, thin tubular petals that often grow in every direction, mimicking a paint brush. Though they grow very small (only 2 inches in diameter), they deliver big character when included in a mixed bouquet like our Fall Mix Cube.

Purple Spider Mum

Spider Mums

Named for their spider-like petals that are long and thin, these lacy, elegant flowers often bring fresh texture to any floral design. While the ends can sometimes hook or coil at the tip, giving these blooms even more style, the yellow spider mums featured in our Fall Solstice Design add a textural contrast to the smoother blooms, leaving a fantastic fall vibe that you’ll love to spread throughout your home.

Growing Mums

For the best results each fall, it’s advisable to plant your mums in the late spring or early summer months. Mums love sunlight, water and food, so be sure to choose a sunny spot for your garden, with great drainage so you can water often without waterlogging the roots. Nutrient-rich soil is also a favorite for mums. Every so often, pinch dead leaves off the stalks to keep them fresh and vibrant. By fall you’ll have an amazing garden full of your favorite varieties and colors of mums.

Whether you choose to decorate your home with mums for the fall season or plant them in your own garden, you’ll love the color and style these bright blooms provide indoors and out during the autumn months. Choose an eclectic variety of colors and styles for a unique look For more tips on planting and growing mums yourself, or to choose the perfect floral design for your home’s fall look, talk to the floral experts at Peoples Flower Shop. We’re happy to help you select something perfect for you to enjoy throughout the fall season.