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Posted by peoplesflowers on March 16, 2023 Flowers

Tips for Surprising Your Mom with a Customized Spring Bouquet

This Mother’s Day, surprise the incredible, hardworking, and influential moms in your life with a beautiful and personalized floral bouquet that celebrates their unique individuality. From workout moms to plant moms and beyond, there are a variety of flowers that you can pick to best represent and cater to her interests. Our floral experts here at Peoples Flowers — the top-rated florist in Albuquerque, New Mexico — have gathered a list of the best flowers guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of the one-of-a-kind mama in your life.

The Workout Mom

Full of boundless energy and with a penchant for mastering any form of exercise, the workout mom sets a prime example for her family by working hard to stay healthy and fit. An ideal flower, then, for a mom with this energy and dedication is lilies. Why? Orange lilies represent confidence and courage, while the brighter yellow lilies signify health and happiness, making them a perfect choice for a mom always on the move.

The PTA mom

The PTA mom is beloved for everything she does for her community, especially for schools and other educational institutions. This smart and dedicated parent is best represented by the beautiful and yet simple tulip. These traditional spring bloomers come in a variety of colors, making them perfect for customizing a bouquet that speaks to her commitment to learning and appreciation of beauty. Tulips are also ideal because they symbolize charity, which is a trait that PTA moms understand deep in their hearts, naturally.

The New Mom

The new mother is easily one of the busiest women out there, fully immersed in the labor of caring for her precious infant while simultaneously discovering the profound and unbreakable love she now possesses. Carnations are a great choice of flower to celebrate her, representing her love for her little ones. When combined with baby’s breath, these blooms add a gentle and affectionate touch, too. This simple yet charming beauty will brighten any new mom’s mood on Mother’s Day, acknowledging that all the trying, sleepless nights and super demanding days are, no question, worth it.

The Coffee Mom

The coffee mom embodies the spirit of the intrepid Lorelai Gilmore: tenacious, but unable to start her day without her morning cup of joe. The perfect flower, then, for this mom on Mother’s Day is spray roses, thanks to their soft pastel tones, bohemian energy, and fun and unique shapes reminiscent of your mom’s favorite local coffee shop. Providing an eclectic flair, these flowers will bring both energy and ease to a java mom’s day, just like her caffeinated buzz makes her productive and focused.

The Plant Mom

Azaleas are a lovely flower that perfectly represent femininity, beauty, and tenderness, making them an ideal choice for plant moms. These green goddesses have a sincere fondness for gardening and greenery, and an azalea plant would make an excellent addition to her extensive collection of blooming beauties. Gifting an azalea to a plant mom on Mother’s Day, then, is an exceptional way to show appreciation for her passion for nature. She will undoubtedly cherish this fresh shrub as the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

This Mother’s Day, make a mom in your life feel loved and appreciated with a customized bouquet that speaks to her unique personality. Show her that you appreciate her compassion, support, and devotion with stunning blooms from Peoples Flowers, hands-down the best florist in New Mexico.