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Posted by peoplesflowers on June 16, 2016 | Last Updated: September 9, 2020 Flowers

Summer Flowers – Floral Sunshine

summer flowersAlbuquerque is renowned for beautiful, year-round weather. Sunshine is abundant at any given time in our fair city, but in the summer it streams through every window and doorway, permeating our lives. The color of sunshine is yellow, the most radiant color on the spectrum, one that captures our eye and our imagination. It is the color of happy faces and indeed, happy feelings – of optimism, of creativity, and summer.

summer flowersThe summer flowers are just as cheerful. Flowers that grow well during this time of year include hydrangea, zinnias, gladioli, marigolds, periwinkle, and petunias. Daisies of all varieties are one of the most popular blooms during this time of year, and they are the basis of one of our most whimsical summer bouquets. The expert designers at People’s Flower Shops have added lush green solidago and yellow roses to bright daisies, and the entire arrangement is delivered in a cube of citrus-fresh lemons and limes. What a fabulous and refreshing centerpiece for your picnic or barbecue – or to bring along to a friend’s gathering as a gift.

summer flowersEqually vivid is the most iconic of all the summer blossoms, the sunflower. Rarely is there a flower that so embodies a feeling, a season, or a mood quite as perfectly as this flower does – placing a bouquet of sunflowers on any table is the best way to bring instant sunshine. Experts also say that surrounding yourself with yellow can elevate your mood and bring happiness, much in the way that sunlight does. Order one of these beautiful floral arrangements from Peoples Flower Shop for your own home, or have it delivered to someone you want to cheer up and let these summer flowers work their magic!