Quick Guide on Tulips

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shutterstock_248293039Above all other early bloomers, tulips are the flowers for spring. Blooming from early March into late May, tulips can be found almost everywhere – in spring decorations, potted plants, forced bloom containers, on top of cakes, and of course in bouquets. First cultivated around the year 1000 A.D., tulips were blooming wildly in Turkey much earlier. Since their first cultivation, however, their beauty has spread worldwide. With about one hundred known species and over three thousand recorded varieties, tulips are available in white, purple, red, pink, orange, yellow, green, multicolor, and almost every color and shade in between. They also grow in different varieties of heights and petal shapes. Some tulips grow in clusters, while others sprout up with individual blooms. This season, our professional florists at Peoples Flowers Shops can help you add a touch of beauty to your surroundings or send it to your friends and family with springtime’s favorite flower, the tulip. 

In addition to being beautiful, tulips are also perennials, which means that their bulbs, if properly cared for, will bloom every year. Just like spring, potted tulips bloom each year, and potted tulips make a lovely gift for any friend or loved one who could use a little more color in his or her life. After tulips have bloomed, the bulbs can be planted outside in early fall to bloom again and bring more joy the next spring. Delivered in a rustic wicker basket, our potted tulips will warm up any office or room until they are ready to be planted. 

Blooming Tulip Plant

Blooming Tulip Plant

Something about the renewal of spring brings happiness to everyone. The first hints of color and life poking out from what is left of the winter makes everyone feel a little lighter and more free. Give the feeling of spring to someone special in your life with a spring bouquet featuring all of the vibrant colors of new life: green, indigo, yellow, lavender, and pink. In this bouquet, irises, carnations, and daisies accompany vibrant yellow tulips. These blooms will surely bring any recipient out of a deep winter frost. 

Spring Bouquet

Spring Bouquet

With so many varieties, choosing a tulip can be difficult. With Designer’s Choice Tulip Arrangements, however, our expert florists can help you choose by selecting the best blooms to create a stunning bouquet of tulips to help you celebrate the coming of spring. 




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