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Posted by peoplesflowers on September 10, 2018 Flowers

Plants That Celebrate Self Care Awareness Month

Have you heard about all the benefits of owning and caring for plants but still can’t seem to care for them properly? Plant owners will agree that nurturing something like plants can bring you a sense of calm, wholeness and balance. You might also gain more empathy, a lasting sense of accomplishment and a refreshing perspective when you begin to place plants around your favorite rooms. Peoples Flowers recommends starting out with a low-maintenance option if you’re new to plant care. The health and wellness benefits you’ll experience will be incredible.

An excellent choice for easy care and maintenance is our ZZ Plant. This gorgeous leafy green plant performs well in artificial or low light, rarely needs fertilization and can even go long spells without water. Perfect for an office or low-light area, use this beauty to enhance your plant-friendly environment, even if you lack a green thumb.

While plants alone can still give you fresh air, a bright atmosphere and a welcoming vibe, caring for them can help you develop empathy for others and a confidence in yourself. Talk to the floral experts at Peoples Flowers today about the best plant option for you, especially if you’re a novice to plant ownership.