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Posted by peoplesflowers on September 28, 2012 | Last Updated: October 7, 2020 Flowers

Peoples’ Guide to Fall Seasonal Wedding Flowers

June may have a reputation as the top month for weddings, but the fall overall is giving it a run for its money. According to The Knot’s 2011 wedding statistics, September was last year’s most popular month to get married. That trend has continued in 2012 with plenty of couples choosing autumn weddings for the pleasant weather and elegant seasonal color palette.

Colors of Autumn

Dramatic. Rich. Warm. These words describe the colors of fall. Reds, yellows, oranges, dark greens and golds mimic the look of the changing leaves outside. Take your wedding design inspiration from the images and feel of autumn. You can choose a single color as your statement hue, or mix together your favorite warm shades. One of the beautiful things about a fall theme is that autumn colors work so well together, complimenting each other in any arrangement.

Top Fall Flowers

Fall centerpiece

A dazzling autumn centerpiece.

Choosing seasonal flowers for your wedding means they will be fresh and last through the ceremony and celebration. They are also more affordable than bringing in out-of-season flowers. Plus, you have plenty of autumn blooms to choose from. Some of the most popular fall wedding flowers are dahlias and roses. The color varieties for each of these gives you many options to work with. Roses are a great addition to a traditional wedding while the round blooms of dahlias add a real flair to any nuptial design. A dahlia bride’s bouquet can be a real stunner, with rich shades of petals to choose from.

Are you looking for something more unusual that will really stand out? Think about hydrangeas. These clustered flowers are also available in a variety of hues. Hydrangeas go great with weddings that have a Victorian theme, but they can also be gathered into very modern and unexpected arrangements.

Seasonal centerpieces

Fall bride's bouquetThink outside the vase when it comes to autumn wedding centerpieces. You have the rich colors of fall at your fingertips, so choose a vessel that stands up to the dramatic hues of the flowers you’ve chosen. Here are some ideas for creative vase substitutes. Hollow out winter squash to hold flowers. Pumpkins are an option, but there are squash that range from shades of white to dark green. Use golden or copper-colored containers to reflect flowers onto shiny surfaces. Place candles within a circle of autumn flowers. This is your chance to be really creative with the look of your wedding.

Fall Wedding Specialists

Whatever direction you want to take your fall wedding in, Peoples Flower Shops’ wedding specialists can help make your autumn dreams come true. Set up free consultation by calling 505-884-1600 or using our convenient online form to request an appointment. Peoples will assign a specialist to work with you from design through delivery and we offer 24/7 wedding support for last minutes requests and changes. Looking for inspiration? Browse some of Peoples’ fall bouquets to get an idea of the colors and flowers that are fresh and available at this time of year.