Mother-In-Law Day Flowers

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All mothers are honored in May. But October 25th is a very special day – one set aside to celebrate a special class of mother, the one that you gained when you got married – your mother-in-law! These special women are often just as much family, and just as cherished, as any blood relative. And although sometimes the relationship can be a bit challenging at first, we all know that our loved one wouldn’t be who they are without their mom. So this October, join us in sending some love her way. Mother-In-Law Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate your extended family.



Floral shops nationwide were recently posed the question – which flowers and bouquets are currently trending as gifts for moms and mother-in-laws? Of course, pink is the classic color for a mother’s floral arrangement, symbolizing both gratitude and love. But the hard and fast traditions don’t apply to every family – and other flowers are gaining in popularity as striking gifts to send to mom. The variations can be subtle, such as adding ivory and cream hues to classic pink, for a nostalgic arrangement; while neon pink and rich coral colored flowers are an exciting alternative to traditional bouquets. Vivid oranges and purples are also unique floral choices for a vibrant in-law!



If you want the sentiment to last, consider sending your mother-in-law a flowering plant, dish garden or peace lily plant. Violets are said to convey faithfulness and devotion, while a single orchid exudes refined elegance for a mother-in-law as sophisticated as she is lovely. If your mother-in-law works outside of the home, sending a gift to her office will not only surprise her, but will allow her to brag to her coworkers about what a thoughtful spouse her child has!


October 25th is the day to tell your mother-in-law that you love her, are thankful for her, and that you consider her a part of your family. People’s Flowers of Albuquerque has all the arrangements, bouquets and gifts to deliver a smile, guaranteed. And when your mother-in-law is happy – everyone is happy!



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