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Memorable Dads this Father’s Day

father's dayIn 1908, the first Mother’s Day was celebrated, and it was only a few months later that people began to rally for a similar day for Dad. From West Virginia mining communities to Pacific Northwest churches, people tried to get the observance some traction. During and after World War II, retailers marketed a day for fathers by positioning it as a way to honor returning soldiers. But it wasn’t until 1972 that President Nixon signed the day into law, finally giving the United States an official Father’s Day.

Long before the day was official, of course, there were outstanding dads in history. Here are a few interesting stories that we unearthed in honor of the day.

father's dayGeorge Washington, known as the Father of the Country, was not able to have children of his own due to the effects of several illnesses. He did, however, adopt and raise the two children of his wife, Martha.

A.A. Mile’s classic children’ tale Winnie the Pooh was inspired by the author’s adventures with his real-life son, Christopher Robin. The pair enjoyed spending time at the London Zoo, where a bear named “Winnie” was one of the favorite residents. The “Pooh” portion of the moniker was after the name of Christopher Robin’s pet swan, and the title character was fashioned after the boy’s teddy bear.

Frank Sinatra did it his way and was entered into the history books as being the only father to hit #1 on the Billboard chart with one of his children. “Something Stupid,” recorded with daughter Nancy, was top of the charts in 1967.

Rick Hoyt, who has cerebral palsy, has finisher’s medals from hundreds of marathons and triathlons despite his condition. This is because of the determination of his incredible father, Dick – who uses specialized bikes and apparatus to compete with his son. They ran their first five-mile race together when Rick was in high school, and when the boy expressed his joy in competing, his father became dedicated to giving him that joy throughout his life.

father's dayEach dad who invests time and energy into the life of their children is an everyday hero. On June 19, honor your special dad with a unique gift from Peoples Flower Shops – whether a gourmet gift or long-lasting green plant – we have the Father’s Day gifts he will enjoy.