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Posted by peoplesflowers on October 20, 2017 | Last Updated: October 7, 2020 Flowers

Make Way for Fall’s Dahlias

Everything’s coming up dahlias here at Peoples Flowers. The gorgeous bloom that has been in all the magazines and on social media lately has only a little more time left in season, and we’re taking full advantage, mixing it into some of our most glorious and arresting arrangements. Intricate, richly-colored and sure to add tons of interest to your interior decor, Fall’s dahlias are a showstopping floral that elevate any design of which they are a part of.

We call this abundant beauty Designers Choice, and for good reason. This is the display to put on your credenza for Fall dinner parties and gatherings. The many flowers grouped together here suggest the season’s abundance, but it’s the robust cranberry dahlias that really please the eye. Greens, hypericum berry and roses serve to balance the luxeness of this bloom and its complexity. Occasionally we say some fresh flowers look too pretty to be real; we assure you these dahlias are.

Luckily, the “It” flower comes in a range of colors, all suited to Fall’s palette. It just takes a few of these unusual blooms added to a bouquet to make an impact. As we continue to deepen our home decor colors and work in more luxurious textiles to our Fall design scheme, remember to pick up some perfect dahlias from Peoples Flowers.