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Keeping It Green With Eco-Friendly Floristry

Flowers are a charming gift from Mother Nature. They are available in an assortment of styles, colors, and shapes which floral pros turn into impressive breathtaking designs. Fragrant, natural, and beautiful, flowers offer numerous health advantages, also. Here at People’s Flowers, we not only take pleasure in working with and delivering beautiful flowers but also do our part as well to practice green floristry and protect the environment. We’ve had a green program for the last 12 years. We recycle vases. Bring in 5 vases and receive free flowers. We have a company pick up all of our green waste for composting weekly. We recycle all of our cardboard, plastic, and paper weekly or more as well. We also buy sustainable flowers when possible, and one of our locations is completely solar and sustainable.

Flowers in a Field

What Is Environmentally Friendly Floristry?

Environmentally friendly floristry, also referred to as eco-friendly floristry and sustainable floristry, is an effort amongst florists to perform green practices in an effort to minimize their carbon footprint.

How Florists Practice Eco-Friendly Floristry


Slow Flowers

Sourcing slow flowers, which are flowers grown naturally from small floral farms that don’t use harmful chemicals, is one way florists are keeping it green. Most of these flower farms only distribute their product to nearby florists which further cuts down on harmful emissions.

Avoiding Foam

Floral foam is a one-time use plastic product that is not biodegradable and therefore not very earth-friendly. Instead, florists are using organic and reusable mechanics in their bouquets and avoiding foam.

Buy Locally

Besides tracking down flowers from local farms, it is likewise essential to buy some other products locally, like hand made presents, office supplies, and gift baskets. Purchasing locally not just supports businesses that are small but likewise helps the area economy.

Apply Proper Waste Management

By composting, recycling, and also lowering the quantity of general waste product, being cognizant of every purchase and just how it could be disposed of in eco-friendly way are easy measures that equal to keeping a proper world each day.

Growing Buds

Reducing Plastic

Using recyclable products instead of plastics whenever possible is always stressed. For example, using old newspapers rather than plastics to wrap flowers in and other more earth-friendly products for tags and cards.

Repurpose Leftovers

When there’s inventory left over, we don’t let those flowers go to waste but instead repurpose them by delivering them to foundations, schools, hospitals, or other charities and non-profits.


Field of Dahlia Flowers

Why It Matters

We must all care about the personal choices of ours and also the way they affect the planet. We share the planet and for every one of the elegance as well as glory it provides us, we have to not capitalize on it. Merely since we can’t find the quick negative effects of the excessive use of land erosion, pollution, and plastics from excessive use, does not imply it is not going on and also won’t’ be a big issue down the road. We owe it to the children of ours as well as generations to come all over to pass on an eco-sustainable planet earth for them to exist on so they are able to attempt.

For extra info on the eco-friendly practices of ours, give us a call or perhaps peruse the selection of ours of flowers that are beautiful today.