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Posted by peoplesflowers on May 27, 2020 | Last Updated: June 2, 2020 Flowers

How to Get the English Garden Style Look with Your Flowers

The breathtaking charm of a rambling and romantic English garden (also called a “Cottage” garden) captured in a beautiful display of blooms that look as if they have just been freshly cut and placed in a decorative urn is the perfect description for the English Garden Style flower arrangement. Naturally paired as in nature, rather than forced together by organizing human minds, is the heart and essence of this particular style. It’s a look that exudes a natural elegance and is composed of gorgeous blooms that will fill your home their delicate fragrance and “just-from-the-garden” freshness. At Peoples Flowers, the English Garden Style is one of our favorite designs and, once you see it, you’ll fall in love with it too.

English Cottage
English Garden Style Features

Large, lush blooms, abundant greens, and a mix of seasonal flowers grouped together and falling naturally as they would in a garden are all features of the English Garden Style. With a presentation of artful asymmetry, this is a design that is not contrived or pretentious. A less defined look, but still very full, some popular flowers of this style are large, blooming, and fragrant such as roses, dahlias, ranunculus, and peonies. Taller florals such as larkspur, hollyhock, and snapdragon are also common. The typical color of this design is one that is bright and varied, though more recent trends have moved to more pastel colors with a few bright flowers thrown in for contrast. The main component of an English Garden Style arrangement is that all the flowers used must bloom in the same season. 

Introducing our newly updated Spring Passions floral design. Simple beauty designed into a clear country mason jar!

Spring Passions

Light and airy this classic garden style vase features our freshest blooms in a cool, breezy palette of pinks and purples. Victorian Summer is one of the largest designs featured in our collection!

Victorian Summer

Best Occasions 

The English Garden Style flower arrangement is perfect for any occasion! Mother’s Day, Just Because, or for Anniversaries, this is an elegant yet fresh and lovely bouquet everyone will love. Or, if you just want a gorgeous, seasonal bouquet of flowers that look like they just been plucked from an English garden, then this style will fit perfectly in any room of your home. In fact, they are so beautiful, every room in your home should have one!

Birdbath in English Cottage Garden