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Posted by peoplesflowers on July 20, 2023 Flowers

How to Encourage More “Just Because” Flowers from Your Partner

An unexpected bouquet of symbolic flowers from your significant other is a romantic gesture that has an extraordinary power to warm your heart and give you butterflies. This feeling goes beyond the blooms themselves as it shows how much your partner cares and thinks about you, especially if they included a loving card message. If your partner seems to neglect the fresh flowers outside of Valentine’s Day, the romance experts at Peoples Flowers, the best florist in Albuquerque, are here to help plant the seed of sending you beautiful blooms “just because.”

When to Hint to Your Partner That You Want Flowers

  1. Your birthday is next week
  2. You like to celebrate your half birthday
  3. You adopted a fur baby together
  4. What’s a Friday night without a floral arrangement?
  5. You’re on the verge of completing grad school with high honors
  6. Your team at work has come a long way, and you received a pay raise
  7. Although you got a raise after last quarter, you still didn’t qualify for the promotion
  8. What about Womancrush Wednesday?
  9. You don’t want to wait until Valentine’s Day to express your love
  10. They’re about to leave for a work trip, and you’ll be home alone for a few days
  11. You’ve been visiting friends overseas and will soon be reunited with your partner
  12. You bought a new home as a couple
  13. The spring cleaning saga is behind you, and it’s time to liven up the living room
  14. They asked, “How can I make it up to you?”
  15. You’ve been cooking some of the most delicious dinners recently
  16. You’re decorating in honor of the season premiere of The Bachelorette
  17. You want to celebrate your wedding anniversary with fresh flowers
  18. You didn’t have a good week
  19. You received reassuring feedback from the doctor
  20. A big publication wants to feature you in an upcoming article

How to Drop Hints

  1. Tell them how beautiful and thoughtful it was that your friend received flowers
  2. Show them around your favorite flower shop
  3. Talk about which flowers are your favorite and say something like, “I have always admired them and think they’re the perfect surprise for any occasion.”
  4. Express how lovely it would be to have fresh florals to brighten up your day and your home. There’s a fifty-fifty chance they’ll grasp what you’re implying.
  5. Request their undivided attention as you explain, “There is nothing better than receiving flowers from you to show you love, care, and support me. Whether for a special occasion or “just because,” it would mean so much if you surprised me with flowers. I’ve added some reminders to your calendar and even included a few of my seasonal favorites.”

When to Buy Yourself Flowers

  1. You want to take matters into your own hands
  2. You’re single and have every right to spoil yourself
  3. You received closure from your ex-partner
  4. You’re hoping to make your crush jealous
  5. You have plans to delight in sweet wine and admire fragrant blooms
  6. You’re rocking a new hairstyle
  7. You love the colors your selected for your manicure
  8. You saved up more than enough money for a down payment
  9. You’re ready to start the weekend
  10. Fresh flowers are the ultimate form of self-care
  11. The song “Flowers” came on the radio
  12. You’ve spent all weekend deep-cleaning your house
  13. You’ve upgraded your home’s aesthetic
  14. The kids are off to summer camp
  15. The day has been a pretty rough one
  16. It’s been a smooth sailing day
  17. You’re brokenhearted that you missed out on The Eras Tour
  18. Despite being jet lagged, you powered through and enjoyed your first vacation day
  19. It’s time to bask in the summer sunshine and bright seasonal hues
  20. Your favorite seasonal blooms are back at your local flower shop

Of course, surprising your significant other with flowers on Valentine’s Day is a lovely gesture, but why limit the romantic blooms to just one day per year? At People Flowers, we believe there is always a reason to send a fresh bouquet, whether it’s a special occasion or simply “just because.”