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Give Them Violets this February

shutterstock_196566356If you know someone with a February birthday, then you should know that violets are this month’s birth flower.

Let us fill you in on some of the rich traditions that surround this flower, and you’ll see what makes the violet a beautiful, meaningful gift!

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Myths and Folklore


Of all flowers, the violet might be the one with the most storied history. Legend has it that the Greek goddess Daphne transformed one of her nymphs into a violet to protect her from Apollo’s love. This tale gave violets the meaning of purity, chastity, and modesty.


Another Greek myth says that Ajax, a hero from the Trojan War, committed suicide because he was ashamed of an act of cowardice that he committed against his friends. It’s said that violets grew wherever his blood fell. Because of this legend, violets have the added meaning of loyalty.


These small flowers are also found in art and literature throughout history. In paintings, violets were often used to represent humility – particularly in religious works that featured the Virgin Mary. In Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Ophelia sent violets to the queen as a symbol of her love for her deceased father Polonius.


How to Give Violets


With so much meaning, it’s no wonder that these small plants are such a popular gift. However, the fact that violets offer endless gift-giving opportunities is another, a perhaps more important reason why these plants are so popular. To start, you can choose violets in nearly any color, from dark blues and purples to rich mauve and pink. There are even varieties whose flowers come in shades of white, white and purple or white and pink.


Then there are the plants themselves. A single potted violet is a great birthday present or thank-you gift. If you want to take things a step further, you can design an adorable planter with blooming violets in the colors of your choosing.


Finally, you can give violets as part of a European garden. In these planters, you can choose violets as the focal point or pair them with another blooming plant. To make these blooms even more eye-catching, your violets will be surrounded by ivy, peace lilies, and other tropical greenery. To top everything off, we place the European garden in a handmade basket or decorative container of your choice.


There are many great ways to celebrate a February birthday or say thank you with violets. For even more ideas, stop in at one of People’s Flower’s locations or shop from our birthday collection!