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Posted by peoplesflowers on January 30, 2014 Flowers

Flowers, Chocolates, or Both? That is the Question, and Peoples Flower Shops is the Answer

Grand Reserve Rose plus VaseWhile you are debating the age old question of what to get your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day, we thought we would help you by providing you with a collection of Valentine’s Day gifts so you can see if it is flowers, chocolates, or both.

Let’s Start with Valentine’s Day Flowers

The classic Valentine’s Day gift is flowers, which are traditionally roses that represent love especially those of the deep, dark red variety. That’s not to say that roses of another color don’t work either, and we have some stunning colors like pink, hot pink, ice white, yellow and lavender.teacherp2

Then, we have a plethora of Valentine’s Day flower arrangements, including those in cubes, baskets, and vases. Everything imaginable in terms of floral designs is available, including a collection of over-sized arrangements with multiple dozens of flowers.

Of course, our floral design team also loves to custom create what you may have in mind. They enjoy the creativity and challenge of recreating what you are imagining and turning it into reality. And, when there is love involved, it makes even more special for our flower design team.  memorable3

Then There’s Chocolate

We know it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like chocolate. In fact, most people absolutely adore chocolate in any form and look forward to having an excuse to it over this holiday of love.

This year, we have added a number of new goodies for Valentine’s Day that we are excited to share with you. First, we have a gift basket that we have called “Sweets for the Sweet,” including premium chocolate products like Toblerone.friendshipp4

Another delicious item is our chocolate dipped mini cheesecake bites. They include such yummy ingredients as milk, dark, and white chocolate as well as toppings like almonds, mini chocolate chips, and dark chocolate nonpareils.

We also have an incredible Godiva tower of treats as well as a massive chocolate drizzle cake and chocolate covered cookies.

Plus Other Valentine’s Day Treats

We also have to share these other Valentine’s Day ideas with you that may help turn it into an incredible day or evening. If you don’t want to go out to a crowded restaurant then how about ordering one of our incredible clambakes or surf and turf combos? That way you can enjoy your flowers, an intimate dinner at home, and chocolates for dessert all from one Valentine’s Day partner!