Flowers to Celebrate Romance

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celebrate romance

August is National Romance Month, which means that this hot summer season is the perfect time to celebrate romance! Your significant other is sure to be surprised when they receive a bouquet of classic red roses “just because”  – and a gift like that is guaranteed to stoke the fires of romance. From Albuquerque to Rio Rancho and Santa Fe, true romantics are being inspired to deliver the love. And at People’s Flower Shops, we can’t wait to help. After all, celebrating romance is what we do!

celebrate romance


While red roses are the traditional expression of affection, you may wish to choose something that more personally represents you relationship. Does your significant other have a favorite flower? Our floral designers can create an abundant bouquet that showers them with that special bloom. Does your husband have a professional office? We may suggest an elegant orchid or tropical anthurium and bamboo arrangement. Whatever you choose, your partner or spouse is sure to understand the depths of your love for them. celebrate romance

Love and affection knows no holiday – so although you may be accustomed to giving these types of gifts only on Valentine’s Day or their birthday, this month gives you the awesome opportunity to celebrate romance in unexpected ways. We love orchids, roses and lilies for romantic floral arrangements, but the choice is up to you. Your love story is unique, and your gift for National Romance Month should be too. So browse the website for inspiration, then call People’s Flower Shops. We’d love to help you conspire to pull off an amazing and romantic gesture that they will remember forever.


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