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Posted by peoplesflowers on August 1, 2017 | Last Updated: July 28, 2022 Flowers

Flowers & Arrangements for Romance Month

August is National Romance Month. We’d like to take a moment to reflect on the many ways romance is expressed and share a few of the fun trivia facts surrounding the celebration of love here in this country. The floral experts at Peoples Flowers are here to help you to convey your feelings of devotion to your sweetheart. You can start by shopping our online romantic flowers collection or give us a call for ideas sure to melt their heart.A decadent and fragrant arrangement of Casa Blanca Lilies and Pink roses. The arrangements creates an aura of romance and celebration!
Romantic Flowers: Whether you write them a poem or plan a picnic, somehow a romantic encounter isn’t complete without flowers. Red roses are the most requested flower to celebrate true love, but there are other varieties that also convey this emotion. For instance, a bouquet of red tulips is considered a bold and dramatic statement of passionate love. Daisies are thought to represent innocent and new love. And the lavish, beautiful peony signifies marital happiness.

How Do People Meet? A large percentage of the population – approximately 40% –  are now using online dating sites as their primary way to meet a love interest. Interestingly, this includes all demographics, from young adults to senior citizens. However, at least 10,000 couples annually still meet the old-fashioned way – over a cup of coffee.This elegant and lush custom design is perfect for an Anniversary, Birthday or any kind of celebration. This arrangement includes lush blue hydrangea, lavender kale, purple or pink roses, purple stock white dendrobium orchids.

Keep the Fires of Romance Burning: Just like a real fire, if the flames aren’t stoked and tended to, the fire will die out. Make romance a part of your everyday life, not just reserved for special occasions or holidays. There are a multitude of small romantic gestures you can perform on a daily basis that will keep the embers of your love hot!

Here are just a few examples:

  • Holding hands
  • Leaving love notes
  • Putting a fresh flower into a bedside vase daily
  • Watching a movie together
  • Checking in with each other during the day
  • A daily “good morning” kiss
  • Saying “good night” every night
  • A shoulder rub
  • Flowers “just because”

Sweet Devotion: You’ve heard the rumor, but it is true! Eating chocolate affects the brain in such a way that the overall feeling mimics that of falling in love. Adding some gourmet chocolate to your flowers is sure to be a hit with your sweetheart.

However, you choose to express your affections this August, be sure to celebrate National Romance Month with a heartfelt show of love and appreciation for the special person in your life. If you need ideas or inspiration, talk to the floral designers at Peoples Flowers about the perfect arrangement or gift for you. Remember, we deliver throughout the Albuquerque area, but since true love knows no limits, we will help send your gift wherever your significant other lives.