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Posted by peoplesflowers on August 11, 2014 Flowers

Flower Therapy: Get Well Flowers, Plants, and Gifts

teacherp2We often have loved ones in our lives that are having health problems or just not feeling like themselves. They may be in the hospital or recovering at home. This is when they could use the healing powers of flowers or plants or maybe even another type of gift that matches their individual tastes.

Let’s start with the incredible healing power of flowers and green plants. On many levels, these truly do work as therapy for someone that is physically ill. It is how these flowers look as well as how some of them smell. For green plants, they also provide healing powers through greater oxygen quantities in the air, helping those around the plant to breathe easier.tropicalp3

The idea comes back to research that shows a person’s environment is, and can be, a part of their healing process. Traditionally the idea of bringing people flowers and plants has been associated with cheering a person up and making them feel better, but now scientific studies confirm that.

This is because flowers have been associated with comfort and peace due to their aesthetic beauty and a human’s need to be connected to the natural environment as an extension of themselves. In this way, flowers and even green plants create an inviting, cheerful aesthetic and, at times, even a peaceful and spiritual environment.

Some studies have found that patients that were healing from surgery actually recovered faster when looking at trees and flowers than at a break wall or empty room devoid of any natural décor. They even needed less medication because their pain disappeared at a faster rate.teacherp4

Even looking at plants or flowers is a way to remind ourselves of growth and renewal. This can be important too if we are in the midst of a grieving process. This is again a place where flowers can do the trick as they provide comfort and a sense that things will be okay and the circle of life will keep loved ones in our memory.

Of course, beyond the ability of nature to help us heal, other gifts can help someone heal from an illness. The act of giving provides a symbol of our love for others, including the idea that we want them to get better, which surprisingly goes a long way to helping the body get better.friendshipp3

Be sure to pick something special and personalized as this increases the mental response, which then manifests itself to whatever is ailing the person. This can be something small or large, depending on what you want to do for your loved one.