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Posted by peoplesflowers on October 19, 2023 Flowers

Five Times to Bloom with Cheer and Joy at a Holiday Flower Design Workshop

As the holiday season inches closer, excitement and anticipation fill the air like snowflakes. Homes transform with the glitter of twinkling lights, social calendars burst with festive occasions, and a generous spirit envelops us all. This year, add an extra layer of creativity and charm to your holiday festivities with a floral design class. More than just a staple for weddings and special events, flowers have the power to elevate your celebrations with holiday magic. At Peoples Flower Shops, the top florist in Albuquerque, we’re showcasing five special moments during the holiday season where a floral workshop can make your season rich with lasting memories.

After the Thanksgiving Feast

Once the Thanksgiving leftovers are packed away and the table is cleared, the long weekend still offers time for togetherness. Skip the Black Friday chaos and opt for a floral design class to soak up a few more precious moments with loved ones. It’s the perfect way to extend the holiday warmth, offering a creative outlet that the whole family can enjoy. Best of all, you’ll each create a stunning floral arrangement that sets a merry tone for the festive season ahead.

Before the Family Comes Over for Christmas Dinner

The countdown to Christmas dinner is on, and the excitement is palpable. But before the doorbell rings and your home fills with the chatter of friends and family, there’s a fabulous opportunity to amp up your hosting game. Take a floral design class to master the art of floristry and design a sensational centerpiece or a personalized bouquet to gift your hosts. You’ll not only impress your guests but also add a touch of elegance to your Christmas table.

When You’re Ready for a New Kwanzaa Tradition

For a fresh spin on Kwanzaa celebrations, gift your entire family a floral design class. Unite your loved ones and honor the principles of Kwanzaa as you design floral arrangements, garlands for the mantel, table centerpieces, or welcoming bouquets to place near the front door. With rich red blooms, vibrant winter greenery, fruits and veggies, and even a black vase or black ribbon, incorporate the symbols of Kwanzaa and begin a new holiday tradition.

When Your Friends Want to Celebrate Together

From office parties to intimate soirées with friends, holiday gatherings are a seasonal staple. This year, swap the Secret Santa for a floral design class or workshop that everyone can get excited about. Invite a local florist to guide you and guests as you design festive arrangements for your home or sweet succulent gardens and terrariums for your workspace. With holiday tunes playing in the background and delicious refreshments on hand, laughter and holiday cheer is sure to fill the air.

When You’re Out of Gift Ideas for Mom

Finding the right gift for mom can be a challenge. However, an experience like a floral design class is an easy yet impactful solution that will fill her with glee. Schedule her class for the cozy and calm week between Christmas and New Year’s Day so she can unwind from the holiday madness. With winter fragrances and seasonal hues surrounding her, this unique experience will inspire her to show off her creativity and floral design skills. Complete her gift by sending her off to class with her favorite wine or mocktail and even invite loved ones to make the session one she will cherish for years to come.

This holiday, contact Peoples Flower Shops to bring your loved ones together with fresh winter stems that radiate the joy and cheer of the season.

5 occasions for a floral design class