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Posted by peoplesflowers on December 11, 2023 | Last Updated: January 15, 2024 Flowers

Find Out Which Flowers Make the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

This Valentine’s Day, step outside the box and consider gifting your man a floral arrangement of love. It’s a surprisingly rare gesture, with only 12% of men ever receiving flowers in their lifetime. However, the Society of American Florists found that 60% of men would actually love to receive a bouquet of fresh flowers to celebrate special occasions and meaningful moments. Not only do flowers brighten a man’s day, but they also encourage him to be more open and communicative, deepen his bond with loved ones, and enhance intimacy through direct eye contact. From red roses and anthuriums to fresh orchids and bold gerbera daisies, there are so many flowers to choose from that your guy will love! At Peoples Flower Shops, the top florist in Albuquerque, our experts have rounded up the best five blooms that will win your man’s heart this Valentine’s Day.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are like a splash of paint on Valentine’s Day, infusing the occasion with color and life. Brighten up his Valentine’s Day with the cheerful and vivid gerbera daisies. These flowers are known for their bold colors and are sure to bring a smile to his face. You can personalize the bouquet by choosing daisies in his favorite color or mixing different hues that hold a special meaning for both of you, making it a thoughtful and vibrant expression of your love.


Embrace the spirit of Valentine’s Day with the red anthuriums, whose blooms are the spitting image of red hearts, the quintessential icon of this holiday. These tropical flowers infuse any bouquet with lively energy, thanks to their radiant, waxy petals and hues. Their elegance and sophistication make them a beloved choice for expressing affection. What’s more, their robust nature and extended bloom time serve as a metaphor for your enduring love, ensuring the message of your heart remains vivid and strong for weeks to come.

Birds of Paradise

Tropical flowers, like birds of paradise, have interesting shapes and unusual textures that work well in the types of contemporary floral designs men tend to love. Their unexpected, exotic, and tropical beauty on Valentine’s Day will symbolize the extraordinary man in your life – vibrant, unique, and always captivating. Their vivid colors and dramatic silhouette mirror the dynamic and adventurous essence of your relationship, celebrating the brilliant journey you’re on together.

Red Roses

The timeless beauty and symbolism of red roses make them a classic choice for expressing love on Valentine’s Day. Gifting these to your boyfriend, partner, or husband is a powerful way to show your commitment and the value you place on your relationship. Personalize this romantic gesture by selecting a number of roses that resonate with special moments or years you’ve spent together, making it a gift that tells the story of your love.


On a day dedicated to expressing heartfelt emotions, orchids serve as a perfect ambassador of love. Their sophisticated presence and rich symbolism provide a meaningful way to showcase your feelings. Choose a color that mirrors his personality or your shared experiences—be it the passionate red for love or the dignified purple for admiration. Orchids also radiate calming energy and bring a soothing touch to a day filled with excitement, passion, and romance.

With a vast selection of meaningful and beautiful flowers, turn to Peoples Flower Shops for expert guidance in making the perfect choice. Express your love this Valentine’s Day with a special bouquet of fresh flowers for your main man.

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