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Posted by peoplesflowers on February 22, 2024 | Last Updated: February 26, 2024 Flowers

Five Fresh Ways to Honor, Celebrate, & Flourish on International Women’s Day

Flowers are like the universe’s way of high-fiving us, bringing vibes that are all about warmth and joy. With International Women’s Day rolling up (yeah, we’re talking March 8th!), each bouquet turns into a colorful shoutout to the incredible diversity and strength of women worldwide. IWD is your personal canvas to celebrate the women who have truly made a difference in your life in any way that feels authentic to you. Thinking of giving a nod to those awe-inspiring ladies, diving into some community work, or just hitting pause to reflect on your goals and ambitions? Light up the scene with some fresh, vibrant spring flowers — they’re the perfect sidekick for any IWD mission! Here at Peoples Flower Shops, Alburquerque’s go-to for the freshest blooms, we’re here to lift you and your celebrations. So, what are your plans for honoring IWD?

Organize a Fundraiser

Leading a fundraiser for women-focused causes is the perfect way to honor the legacy of your heroines while making strides toward an even better future. Choose from organizations all about gender equality, education, healthcare, and more – whatever speaks to your soul and tugs at your heart. It’s time to shine a spotlight on the hurdles women face each day and educate your community on how they can help make waves of positive change. And for an extra touch of fundraising glam, jazz up those dining tables, podiums, and auction zones with brilliant and dynamic floral arrangements to take the ambiance to the next level.

Host a Party

Brace yourself for an epic IWD bash and crank up the hype around women’s achievements! Whether you’re going all out or keeping it low-key, a party is the best way to celebrate how far women have come — both globally and within your inner circle. Create a space where everyone can let loose, groove to the music, and soak in the sheer joy of being together. Of course, no party is complete without flowers, from lively arrangements to a DIY floral bar where guests can design flower crowns and other unique creations as they bond over blooms. It’s a prime opportunity for you and your friends to expand your social horizons and build your network.

Host a Brunch or Dinner

Round up your squad for an epic brunch, lunch, or dinner on IWD, and raise your glasses to all the remarkable things you’ve achieved. Enjoy some seriously delish bites, sip on your fave mocktails and cocktails, and chat about all things women empowerment and sisterhood. You can even bring a sweet bouquet for each of your girls and allies or perfect the Insta-worthy mood with fresh stems for the table. When it comes to the venue, of course, you’ll choose a local spot owned and operated by incredible women! It’s a power move that supports female entrepreneurs and economic growth.

Set Personal Goals

IWD is your official license to indulge in the ultimate dreamer’s day off. Envision yourself cocooned in your favorite nook, that happiness-inducing candle flickering away, while you’re sipping on your go-to brew with your journal in hand, ready to set some major goals. And, since buying yourself flowers is a bold act of self-love and empowerment, surround yourself with your favorite blooms — each petal and scent a muse, sparking creativity and painting your aspirations in the most vivid colors. Today, aim for the stars, fueled by the belief in your endless potential.

Send Flowers

IWD is the best time to hit up your local flower shop and curate a few artisanal bouquets that scream, “You’re amazing!” Send a floral shoutout to the powerhouse women in your life, your life-coach mentors, your always-there-for-you crew, and your rock-solid partner. It’s like crafting a personal mood board of gratitude, admiration, love, and all the heartfelt emotions wrapped up in the most stylish bouquet. Flowers on IWD are more than just blooms; they’re a tidal wave of support, a hug in petal form, reminding us that together, we’re unstoppable.

At Peoples Flower Shops, we know IWD is an occasion to ignite substantial changes in the world, and we’re all about making that happen — one stem at a time.

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