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Posted by peoplesflowers on July 15, 2013 Flowers

Eating Holidays Call for Delicious Selection of Gifts

foodp1Who knew there were so many yummy holidays or special days in July. After all, we already love the summer months for barbecues, foodp2picnics, and cold treats, but these extra special days give us an excuse to indulge in some other delicious food – it’s the only way to celebrate, right, by actually eating these foods?!

This blog post provides you with a schedule of special days to celebrate this month as well as introduces you to our delicious selection of gourmet food and gourmet gifts that you can enjoy yourself or send to a loved one to help them celebrate these special eating holidays or some other important event.

The Eating Holidays of July

While Fourth of July has already passed and you surely enjoyed some great American food to celebrate our nation’s independence, here are some other eating holidays that you will want to dig into:

  • July 21st: “National Hot Dog Month” and “National Junk Food Day”
  • July 28: National Milk Chocolate Dayfoodp3
  • July 30: National Cheesecake Day

Each of these eating holidays can be enjoyed at home by making something themed to the eating holiday or as an excuse to throw a party, or you can look for local food and restaurant events in your area that may be on to celebrate these fun holidays.

Our Tempting Selection of Gourmet Food Gifts

No matter what the day, Peoples Flower Shops has a delicious selection to help you celebrate!

foodp4Here are some highlights that you can enjoy in light of the above eating holidays of July:

  • Our “Survival Kit” is the best way to celebrate National Junk Food Day as it includes a mix of sweet and salty treats as well as soda to wash it all down!
  • Our chocolate selection to help you celebrate National Milk Chocolate Day includes chocolate-covered pretzels and chocolate-covered cookies. We also have some delicious chocolate-dipped pears as well as a gift basket filled with chocolates called “Sweets for the Sweet.”

Beyond these tempting treats, we offer so much more, including seafood (think lobster and crab legs!), steaks, fresh fruit baskets and more, including a scrumptious fruit tart and caramel-covered apples. Check out the whole selection online. Your mouth will be watering before you know it!