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How to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

Between hanging the lights, decorating the Christmas tree and finishing all of your fun Holiday crafts, there’s a lot of decorating to do at Christmastime! If you want to make your life a little easier without sacrificing any of the lovely seasonal color, try fresh flowers, potted plants and evergreen displays. People’s Flower Shops has a great selection of Christmas displays that will fill your home with holiday spirit without all the work!

Deck the Halls with Evergreens

Evergreens are a delightful way to add a fresh, clean scent to your home while sprucing up your holiday decor. Among our favorite choices are the Proteas & Pinecones arrangement and the Cinnamon Cider Basket. Proteas & Pinecones mixes tropical flair with evergreen boughs, cinnamon sticks and pinecones to create a wonderfully scented modern Christmas arrangement.

The Cinnamon Cider Basket is a lovely addition to any room of your home. Ruby red apples stand out against fresh pine boughs while cinnamon sticks and pinecones add traditional holiday appeal. Use this basket to add festive color to your living room, or place it on your dining room table to make your Christmas dinner look even more delicious.

Proteas and Pinecones Arrangement

Proteas and Pinecones

Candy Cane Celebration!

Candy Cane Celebration Arrangement

The Christmas Flower: Poinsettias

Christmas Poinsettias

Add Joy and Wonder with Flowers

Floral arrangements are an easy way to add a little seasonal color to your Christmas decorations. Bright red carnations are particularly popular around this time of year. To that end, we’ve created a couple of great arrangements, including the Cinnamon Basket and the Candy Cane Celebration.

The Cinnamon Basket features red carnations, berries and pinecones. Cinnamon sticks and winter greens add a touch of fresh scent, and an adorable cardinal completes the festive look. Our Candy Cane Celebration bouquet blends red and white carnations against a backdrop of pine. Berries, pinecones and candy canes add Christmas cheer to this striking bouquet.

Using Live Plants for the Finishing Touches

There are many great ways to mix live plants into your holiday decorating scheme. Norfolk pines are always popular, and there are also Christmas cacti, amaryllis and more. One of the best Christmas plants is the pretty poinsettia. Place them at the base of your Christmas tree or use them to decorate hall tables, end tables and other spots that needs a little more holiday color! Available in red, white and pink, these gorgeous plants will continue to grace your home throughout the year.

This Christmas, make decorating easy by visiting People’s Flower Shops for a colorful selection of flowers, greens and live plants. While you browse, you may even find a few wonderful gifts for the people on your Christmas list!