Asters & Sapphires for September Birthdays

September birthdaysWhen it comes to honoring our loved ones, we always want to find unique and beautiful gift options.This month, gifts for September birthdays can be inspired by the birthstone (sapphire) and birth flower (aster). The floral designers at Peoples Flowers are constantly creating new arrangements and bouquets which are sure to make every birthday more special.  Continue reading

Cheerful Daisies for Birthday Arrangements

cheerful daisies

Spring bouquets are in full bloom at Peoples Flowers, and there may be no more beautifully appropriate way to celebrate April than with cheerful daisies. Whether you love the iconic white and yellow of classic daisies or the vivid brilliance of Gerbera daisies, we have the floral designs for you. Every day in Albuquerque is more beautiful when you add a bouquet from Peoples Flowers.

Happy Birthday! As daisies are the official representatives for April birthdays, they are the perfect choice for a birthday gift. Order for all your loved ones, and don’t forget –  new babies born in April deserve a newborn daisy bouquet to welcome them as well!

cheerful daisies

Here are some fun trivia facts about daisies that you may find interesting:

* The daisy is a composite flower, meaning that it is made up of many small flowers. Both the petals and the tiny tubes in the center disk are individual florets.

* There are more than 23,000 varieties of daisies, and when you combine all species and varieties, the daisy family comprises 10% of the flowering plants on the planet.

* The daisy is related to many types of lettuce, as well as the artichoke. Like its cousins, the daisy is edible and is often used to add color and interest to soups and salads.

* The daisy is an excellent source of Vitamin C – and has been used medicinally in applications as diverse as stomach distress, cough suppression, and the healing of wounds.

cheerful daisies

Certainly, there is more to the humble daisy than meets the eye. But for all its usefulness, the daisy is still most valued as a beautiful addition to creative floral designs. Call Peoples Flowers today to order for all your April birthdays, then relax. We’ll take care of the rest – and your friends and family will love their flowers

Bouquets, Birthstones and Birthdays

birthstonesIf you ever struggle with what you should purchase for birthdays, flowers are the perfect gift. But you shouldn’t settle for any ordinary flowers – call us to assist you in designing a custom arrangement that is sure to impress. Everyone loves receiving flowers and for over 70 years, the Albuquerque community has relied upon the floral experts at Peoples Flowers to deliver the freshest, most uniquely beautiful arrangments for every occasion.

Birthstone bouquets are a thoughtful way to recognize someone’s birthday. As each month of the year has a birthstone associated with it,  that gem can be used to inspire a floral bouquet that reflects the exotic beauty and vivid colors of the precious stones.  Continue reading

Celebrate Hot August Birthdays With Flowers



With Albuquerque’s excruciating summer temps, a bouquet of vivid and fresh-cut, seasonal birthday flowers by Peoples Flowers is a great way to bring some of the outdoors into your air conditioned celebration!

New this Summer, our exclusive Gerbera Garden and Summer Splendor bouquets showcase a variety of brightly-colored blooms.  Lilies, Carnations and Aster perfectly compliment one the happiest of flowers, the Gerbera Daisy, for a bold and beautiful Gerbera Garden gift.  And the Deluxe Summer Splendor design incorporates sunny Sunflowers offset by Irises and Roses.

Peoples_gerbera-garden peoples-summer-splendor
Gerbera Garden Summer Splendor

The birthstone of August is the peridot, a uniquely colored gem often confused with an emerald.  The colorful birthstone inspires bouquets created from such exotic flowers as cymbidium orchids. Or capture the yellow-green essence of the peridot hue with our Sunburst Bud Vase of snapdragons and lilies.summer birthday florals

Browse more of our Summer Designs, to see your birthday recipients’ favorite flower in our collection. Or contact us to have our design experts create a unique custom creation!  We also deliver Gourmet Fruit & Gift Baskets and Candles & Fragrance – or surprise them bouquet of Balloons!

Whatever your inspiration for a birthday gift this summer, the designers at Peoples Flowers are ready to bring it to life with our stunning floral designs and gifts!

Emerald Flowers for May Birthdays

may birthdaysDiamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but in May, the emerald takes center stage as the birthstone of the month. This deep green gem has been discovered in mines across the world, in 29 countries including the United States and Canada. Throughout history, the jewel has been favored by queens and emperors and has adorned everything from jewelry, to royal household items to Egyptian crypts. Symbolic of youth, vitality and rebirth, this beautiful stone continues to mesmerize and captivate.

Although the gift of an emerald is considered appropriate for those observing a May birthday, many people may find that just a bit extravagant. People’s Flowers has designed a creative way both to commemorate their day and pay homage to the birthstone in an alternate way – how about designing an emerald inspired bouquet? There are many amazing spring flowers you can use for a birthday arrangement, but are any of them green? The surprising answer is yes!

may birthdays may birthdays

The emerald occurs in nature in many shades of green, from yellow-green to blue-green, with the most well-known shade being the prolific deep green. Likewise, flowers occur in all hues; for starters, we recommend the graceful green cymbidium orchid. This exotic floral representation of the emerald birthstone would make a stunning gift. Other choices include green hyacinth, green lilies, and roses, as well as green bells of Ireland and spider mums – all spectacular florals that will make a lasting impression. You may also consider using these green flowers as the featured blooms on a bouquet of many colors.

For other green options that honor the May birthstone, you may also select from many potted plants and trees. Whether you choose to send a gift observing the birthstone or to create a unique floral arrangement all your own – the designers at Peoples Flowers are here to assist in delivering the perfect gift to celebrate all your May birthdays.

Choosing the Right Summer Birthday Bouquet

summer birthdayFlowers are an ideal way to remember someone throughout the year. But on birthdays, floral bouquets are an especially sentimental gift. With so many options available as to variety, color and meaning of flowers, how do you begin to decide which is right to send?

One of the surest way to deliver a huge smile on their special day, is to send their favorite flower. From dramatic lilies to vibrant wildflowers, People’s Flower Shop is ready to deliver the blooms closest to their heart. Another excellent choice is a bouquet showcasing their favorite colors. Whether a monochromatic arrangement, or one with many hues, the color they love will fit in beautifully. For instance, lovers of pink will cherish the sweetly designed Pink Mini Cube; while a dozen lavendar roses result in a graceful expression of your affection.

summer birthday

Pink Mini Cube


If you still need inspiration, we suggest you consider on of People’s signature floral arrangements. This gorgeous bouquet of Asiatic lilies, snapdragons and hydrangea is a unique and stunning floral gift that they will remember fondly long after their birthday is over.

No matter what method you use to determine the perfect gift, you can rest easy knowing that any of the striking bouquets from Peoples Flowers will make their day. Friend, spouse or colleague, People’s will deliver birthday flowers anywhere in the Albuquerque area, and make sure their birthday is amazing! What birthday joy can we deliver for you?

Bright and Beautiful Blooms for Summer Birthday Celebrations

Blog_Peoples Signature Design-GerberasOften, the summer time is full of birthday celebrations between friends, family, and colleagues. So this may mean trying to wrack your brain for the best gifts to give. However, with our help, we can show you how our summer birthday flower collection can deliver something bright, beautiful, and budget-friendly.

Whether you visit any one of our Albuquerque flower shops or you shop online where we have over 75 products listed under our birthday shopping tab, you are sure to find something that suits each birthday plus fits into your budget. Here are some of our customer favorites:


This flower arrangement includes a lovely combination of blooming and foliage plants in a 14 ” basket wrapped with a big bow.


This cheerful display of flowers includes roses, lilies and gerbera daisies in bright bold colors will brighten any day! feb25p1


This flower display has a unique and sunny arrangement of yellow lilies, button mums, and solidago in a bubble bowl that has been lined with fresh lemon and lime slices.


These bold colors are a lively way to wish someone a special birthday. It is a stunning flower arrangement that combines lilies, roses, and gerberas.


Dazzle that special someone on their birthday with this gorgeous bouquet with flowers in various shades of red, yellow, pink and purple. This includes our freshest garden blooms displayed in a clear glass vase. teacherp2


Bright colors are the best way to celebrate a birthday. This happy garden style arrangement features gerbera daisies, carnations, and alstromeria.


Lavender roses and silvery dusty miller are showcased in this lush garden style cube arrangement that makes a sweet birthday gift for that special someone.


Bright and bold, this is a garden style fan-shape flower arrangement that features an array of fresh blooms in contrasting colors. friendshipp1

Additional value includes our many sales and promotions, exclusive discounts by joining our Facebook page, and our Petal Rewards program that provides rewards for every dollar you spend.

Besides these flower options, don’t forget that we have balloons, greeting cards, gift baskets, delicious treats, stuffed animals and more that you can add on to your flower order.


Our birthday products are available for shipment throughout New Mexico as well as anywhere in the country so you can make sure to cover all the birthdays this summer with one flower partner.

Birthday Flowers and Gifts

B Bear HugSpring brings a lot of birthdays for many of you – friends, family, and colleagues. The good news is that we have a lot of great ideas for you, including the arrival of may spring flower favorites like tulips that will be sure to put a smile on the birthday recipient’s face!

We thought we would share some of our favorite birthday arrangements plus remind you of some other birthday gifts we have in case you are looking for something to go with the flowers or shopping for someone that might not be into flowers.

Birthday Flowers

Just on our birthday tab on our online shopping site, we have nearly 70 different birthday flower arrangements to choose from to suit every style, taste, and budget. There are flower arrangements in elegant vases, acrylic cubes, cute ceramic holders, and wicker baskets.thanksp3

Some of our favorites include the new tulip arrangements as tulips have just arrived at all of Albuquerque flower shops. We are so excited! There are also orchids and premium long-stem roses that are some of the most popular to give among our customers.

Of course, you can also create your own customized birthday flower arrangements by working directly with our floral design team on your idea. Tell us your budget, color preferences, type of container and floral varieties and we will do the rest. This is a great way to also personalize your birthday flowers and watch the designers at work.dadp4

Birthday Gifts

If you want to add to your birthday flowers, consider any of our balloons and Mylar balloons, greeting cards, and stuffed animals.

Of course, if flowers are not your birthday recipient’s thing, you can also send them an indoor green plant, gift basket, seasonal fresh fruit or sweet treat from our gift collection. There are also prepared meals and fresh seafood on our gift idea list. To make it that much easier to make a selection, we even have gift categories for giving to men, women, or children.

Ordering is easy by doing it through our Facebook page, online store, mobile app, phone, or in-store. We can arrange for your birthday flowers or birthday gifts to be shipped throughout the local Albuquerque area, anywhere in New Mexico, or even across the country. Let’s get started on helping you pick the freshest and most unique birthday gifts possible!dadp2