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Posted by peoplesflowers on September 18, 2023 Flowers

Autumn Blooms: A Dance of Magic, Charm, and Spooky Symbolism

Halloween is a time when the supernatural becomes natural, the veil between realms grows thin, and broomsticks cast a shadow on the orange-tinted moon. Witches, with their wise ways and whispered spells, have long known that the magical allure of flowers reaches beyond their visual allure. According to All Hallow’s Eve legend, fresh autumn blooms were coveted by witches longing to enhance their spells and potions or protect themselves from curses and evil spirits with talismans and amulets. With energies to nourish and shield, bewitching blooms, with their transient beauty, symbolize the mortality of life with a mystical essence that remains immortal. At Peoples Flower Shops, the best florist in Albuquerque, NM, we are revealing a connection as deep and mysterious as the night itself between Halloween’s favorite witches and the earthly elegance of flowers — which prove to be the perfect touch of hocus pocus to any spooky season home decor.

Roses Dispel Negative Energy

Dark-hued roses, with their rich velvety petals, take center stage in autumn’s mystical dance. Linked to passion, love, and even the undoing of spells, these roses weave their magic into the heart of the season. In medieval times, roses were utilized to ward off negative energies and protect from sinister spirits. Whether for protection or passion, these bewitching blossoms speak the language of enchantment.

Marigolds Protect Us and Safeguard Our Health

Marigolds, with their golden beauty, carry a multifaceted symbolism that resonates across generations. They link us with the afterlife, especially during Dia De Los Muertos, serving as a tribute to those we’ve lost. More than spiritual symbols, they’re also shields against negativity and reflections of our innermost dreams. Their healing essence, a treasure sought for ages, adds to their allure, making marigolds flowers of profound meaning and vitality.

Orchids Sharpen Our Senses

The elegant orchid, with thousands of species found around the globe, is steeped in symbolism and spiritual resonance. Revered for enhancing spiritual connections, they also symbolize fertility, grace, and love. Their unique pollination strategies, such as mimicking other insects, add to their mystique, fitting for an otherworldly Halloween theme. From the Aztecs using them to create strength potions to modern-day perfumers capturing their fragrance, orchids weave a complex story that merges the mystical with the tangible.

Snapdragons are Talismans That Keep Us Safe

Snapdragons, renowned for their distinctive petal shape, serve as more than just eye-catching flora. They have a historical role in shielding against mysterious and unseen forces, defending against negative energies, and breaking curses. Believed to maintain the balance between our world and the next, they hold all things in their rightful order. Embrace the snapdragons during Halloween and spooky season, letting them act as your floral talismans of luck and guardianship.

Lilies Keep Unwanted Attachments Away

With their serene elegance, lilies are more than flowers of visual delight. Halloween witches believed them to also be protectors that could dismantle undesired love spells. Their unspoken strength aids in freeing us from emotional snares that may not align with our true selves. Acting as protectors of our emotional well-being, lilies hold sacred the spaces of our hearts and minds, welcoming only the love that nurtures our soul — fostering a habitat where our inner essence flourishes.

With the power of autumn blooms from Peoples Flower Shops and a little Halloween magic, you are sure to have a spooky season to remember.