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Posted by peoplesflowers on January 26, 2023 Flowers

Bright Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Best Buds

As a kid, nothing beats the feeling of arriving at the store to find Valentine’s Day decor, treats, and gifts starting to line the aisles. Pure excitement would ensue while the hunt for the perfect box of paper valentines to distribute to each and every one of your classmates began. The feeling of sitting down to scribble the names of our favorite people and picking the perfect piece of candy to accompany the treasured notes was an unmatched feeling. That’s why we say it’s important to continue the tradition of celebrating all kinds of love in your adult life this Valentine’s Day. From your treasured gal pals to trusted co-workers and your very best guy gang to helpful neighbors, gifting a thoughtful design of flowers will make them feel showered with love. We invite you to find a heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift for everyone. The experts at Peoples Flowers, the best florist in Albuquerque, are sharing the ultimate Cupid-approved gift guide.

How to Select a Fun Valentine’s Day Surprise

Gift Ideas for Your Bestie

The platonic love one has for their very best bud is truly a special and remarkable connection that deserves to be honored and celebrated, especially on the day designed to scream your love from the mountaintops — Valentine’s Day! But rather than sending over a romantic bouquet of red roses, opt for something that symbolizes what your best friend means and brings to your life. A collection of yellow flowers to represent joy, positivity, happiness, and of course, friendship in the form of sunflowers, lilies, or orchids will surely brighten their day and make sure your BFF knows you’re thinking of them.

Gift Ideas for the Girls

For the gals that pull out all the stops for you and make life extra special, don’t hesitate to return the love this year for Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re planning to gather for a special Galentine’s Day celebration or looking to send love from afar, a bouquet of fresh florals will certainly accentuate that sentiment. Selecting a colorful collection of blossoms that signify femininity (pink), admiration (purple), friendship (yellow), harmony (green), serenity, and peace (blue) is a meaningful touch that will not be overlooked.

Gift Ideas for Men

We all know how difficult shopping for the perfect gift for the guys in our life can be! But we say ditch the stereotypical gifts of wallets, cologne, gag gifts, or beef jerky for an unexpected bouquet of hardy, dramatic, and bold flowers. It’s true men enjoy flowers just as much as the ladies do! So, break the mold this year and gift your guy a display of carnations, sunflowers, gerbera daisies, or perhaps iris.

Gift Ideas for Couples

A surprise bouquet of flowers delivered to your favorite couples this Valentine’s Day will help kick-start the celebration during the season of love. Nothing sets the tone better for romance than a delicate design of red and white roses and lilies while conveying just how much they mean to you as a collective. Consider recognizing those special to you’s first Valentine’s Day as a married couple or the couple that has been providing inspiration to you for the last 50 years with a sweet and unexpected gift that lets them know their love is reinforced with your love and support.

Gift Ideas for Neighbors

Friendly and helpful neighbors can truly elevate a living experience and your overall quality of life. From being there with the missing ingredient to providing the latest neighborhood gossip, a good neighbor is a love like no other and should be celebrated on a day like Valentine’s Day! Schedule a delivery of sweet peach flowers to symbolize your authentic gratitude for the role they play in your everyday life.

Gift Ideas for Co-workers

We all have that co-worker that makes work a joy to be at. Whether they’re the one that brings in delicious treats to the office or are always available to lend a helping hand to lighten the load, this Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to share with them exactly what they mean to you with a spectacular flower arrangment. A delivery of fresh plants can help boost productivity by 15% or consider orange blooms to symbolize passion for work and life, success, enthusiasm, and excitement to thank your office buddies for making the work day that much better.

Bright and bountiful blooms, no matter the price tag, from charming to extravagant, will always be a brilliant gift for any of the loves you have in your life. Be sure to personalize your floral delivery with a sweet message or symbolic stems to make sure your recipient truly knows your sentiment. Here at Peoples Flowers in Albuquerque, we’re excited to help you celebrate your favorite people this Valentine’s Day!