The Birth Month Flower for January: Carnations

carnationsCarnations are known for their bright spirit, detailed petals and simple beauty, and they are also the birth flower for January. This makes them ideal for gift giving either in a mixed bouquet of flowers or all on their own, such as in the stunning Dozen Carnations arrangement. However, they can also look lovely in mixed bouquets with other bright blooms.

Few flowers bring as much good cheer and happy energy as the carnation, making them ideal for gift giving all year long as well. Carnation blooms in a rainbow of colors from white and off-white tones to light pastel colors to more vibrant and bold shades.

Carnations grow is in a variety of sizes and are also quite hardy and resilient. Their user-friendly nature makes them appealing to both growers and those who wish to give cut flowers, as they last quite long even when cut for fresh bouquets.

Symbolism and History

The carnation has been in cultivation for over 2,000 years. Its name is said to be derived from the words “coronation,” “corone” (flower garland), “incarnation” and “carnis,” or flesh, as early carnations tended to be flesh-toned. Carnations have been called by other names throughout the centuries including sweet William, dianthus and gillyflower, but carnation is the most common name.

Carnation symbolism and meaning varies depending upon the color. Pink stands for platonic love and gratitude, while red indicates deep romantic love and passion. In the past, yellow signified disappointment, while today they exude a cheery vibe. Orange shows goodwill and friendship, and white carnations exude purity and innocence and are said to bring good luck.

As a Birthday Gift

Since carnations are the birth flower for January, they make the ideal birthday gift for this month. They can look beautiful with other flowers such as lilies and roses. For a contemporary pastel effect, consider sending the Pink Mini Cube; it features pink and mini carnations, roses and spray roses designed together in a sleek clear glass cube-style vase.

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Grandparents Day Gifts and Flowers

grandparents dayThanks to a woman named Marian McQuade, the first Sunday after Labor Day is designated as Grandparents Day. She started rallying to help people realize how important our elders have been throughout history.

In 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed a proclamation that expounded that this holiday would give the grandchildren a chance to honor and show their love, as well as help them to acknowledge the guidance, strength, and information that their grandparents offers is fundamental. This idea extended to other countries and it is now observed on an international level.

grandparents dayThe grandparents and grandchildren can participate in many fun activities. This include creating crafts, playing board games, singing, citing poetry, working on puzzles, taking a nature walk, or coloring together. You will make the celebration even more unforgettable, by giving grandma and grandpa a lovely surprise of gifts and flowers.

Grandma’s face will light up as she receives the gorgeous Bold ‘n Beautiful. The vivid colors of sophisticated roses, lilies and African daisies are displayed in an attractive glass vase. You have the option of choosing from small or medium.

Who would not like getting the bountiful Fruit & Cheese Basket? I bet your Grandpa would relish it. This decorative weaved basket comes filled to the brim with some cheese, luscious mixed fruits, crackers, and hard candies. I am sure that he will be nice, and share his present with Grandma.

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Adorning the Thanksgiving Table

Whether you’re entertaining tthumbnailhe entire family, or you’re looking for an intimate meal with close friends, your Thanksgiving table will welcome your guests to an evening of friendship and fun. Setting a beautiful Thanksgiving table begins with flowers and candles and ends with the perfect Turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing.

Getting Creative with Gourds

The miniature pumpkins and little melons that fill traditional Thanksgiving cornucopias are often purely decorative, but you may want to add some fruit to the arrangements that your guests may eat before you serve the main course. You may associate turkey and stuffing with vegetables; however, seasonal fruit is an appetizing addition to your meal.

One particularly delicious and fruity addition to your table is a bowl of beautiful yellow pears surrounded by vibrant green and orange gourds. If the plates, silverware, and napkins are already on the table when your guests arrive, try placing a single pear on each plate as a delicious appetizer to the Thanksgiving meal.

Choosing the Thanksgiving Flowers

Although they’re usually associated with the warmer months of the year, one of the classic autumn flowers you’ll see on the Thanksgiving table is the sunflower. Because it pairs so well with the oranges and reds of autumn bouquets, you’ll often see these happy flowers adorning a fall celebration.

Even if you’re not preparing a traditional Thanksgiving meal with a turkey that requires hours in the oven and food that slowly turns the kitchen into a disaster area, flowers are always a beautiful idea for any gathering. Maybe you’re just ordering some take-out Italian food from down the street. A simple yet beautiful vase of flowers will dress up even the most casual of gatherings.

Expanding Upon the Table’s Décorzoom_AutumntoRemember10110550800

A table that looks like a gorgeous Thanksgiving harvest isn’t complete without candles and a tablecloth, and you have a variety of options for creating an attractive candlelit presentation. One option is to place the candles directly inside an autumn  filled with lovely fall-colored lilies, gerbera daisies, and roses.

Alternatively, you may choose to place your candles along the perimeter of the room in wall sconces that add a delightful energy and illumination to your Thanksgiving feast. You’ll feel like you’re hosting dinner party in the Victorian era if you place enough candles to forgo the use of electric lights overhead.

Offer your guests a Thanksgiving meal this year that’s as beautiful as it is delicious with a gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpiece, welcoming candles, and warm autumn décor.