Asters & Sapphires for September Birthdays

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September birthdaysWhen it comes to honoring our loved ones, we always want to find unique and beautiful gift options.This month, gifts for September birthdays can be inspired by the birthstone (sapphire) and birth flower (aster). The floral designers at Peoples Flowers are constantly creating new arrangements and bouquets which are sure to make every birthday more special. 

September Birthday Flowers: Asters, related to daisies and sunflowers, have a name derived from the Greek word for “star,” because of their star-shaped petals. They occur naturally in white, red, pink, purple, blue, and lavender, but can be identified from other species by their disk center, which is always yellow.

Blue asters are the perfect choice for September birthday arrangements, as they tie in with the other symbol of the month, the sapphire.
september birthdaysBrilliant Sapphires:  Originally called the “Stone of Destiny,” sapphires have long been cherished by rulers and royalty. In fact, it’s celestial name refers to the fact that the stone is believed to have divine origins, and kings and priests throughout history have worn sapphires as rings or around their necks for protection and to bring wisdom. Ancient folklore credited the brilliant blue of the sapphire for the color of the sky.

Sapphires are found in many colors including shades of green, orange and purple; but it is the iconic, vivid blue which is most valuable. If you are looking to create an arrangement inspired by this beautiful gemstone, you may wish to consider blue delphinium, blue asters, or blue irises. 


Whether a special September birthday – or any other occasion which deserves celebration – you can trust the experts at Peoples Flowers  to deliver the most beautiful and inspired bouquets and arrangements. Give us a call today – we are your best floral choice across Albuquerque and across the nation.



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