Creative Student Dorm Room Ideas

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dorm room ideas

Summer is almost over and school will soon be in session. For college students, that means heading off to campus life and dorm living. If you have a student leaving soon for college, we have some dorm room ideas for you to consider. Leaving them with a housewarming gift will bring a smile to their face long after you’ve returned home. The designers at Peoples Flowers have great gift ideas for students- give us a call!

When you think about stylish and fun gifts for college students, consider dorm room ideas that will keep your student energized, healthy and focused – while brightening and freshening their dorm room at the same time. Floral and plant arrangements with plenty of green foliage are a great option.

dorm room ideas

Green plants are proven to purify the air, plus they energize and de-stress people sharing a room with them. Give your student a fresh gift to inspire them all semester long! The Succulent Garden, shown above, is easy to care for and only takes up a small amount of space. But the benefits to your student and his dorm room are extensive.

dorm room ideas

Or,perhaps your student would love some sustenance for those late-night study sessions. Snacks and candy are a great pick-me-up for students who may need a nosh between classes or while doing homework. The Survival Kit, featured above, is full of tasty treats to share with friends and roommates.

Whatever you choose to do for your college student, they are sure to know how proud you are of them. Peoples Flower Shops are ready to work with you to create an excellent arrangement or gift for your college student. Whether your student is going to school in the Albuquerque area or across the country, we’ve got everything you need to make them feel at home.




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