Gifts for New Moms and New Babies

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new babyThe arrival of a new baby is without a doubt one of the most gift-worthy moments in a mom’s life. It has not been without effort and sacrifice that she has gotten to this moment, although she would never tell you that. In fact, right now, all that matters is that the little one has finally arrived! When choosing the perfect baby gift to bring with you for that all-important first meeting, look to Peoples Flower Shops for unique and beautiful gifts for the occasion.

new baby new baby

Because the baby garners much of the attention, we think that Mom should be pampered, and it is in that spirit that our talented designers have created these elegant and very grown-up bouquets to commemorate the event. Not only are they truly beautiful, but they tell Mom that she is amazing. The contemporary-styled New Girl is Town and New Boy in Town utilize roses, hydrangea, grasses and greens, arranged in a classic cube and wrapped up in an appropriate vibrant bow. These bouquets are not your everyday baby floral arrangement, and sure to stand out from the rest.

new babyAs much as we love providing Mom with a gift just for her, we would never dream of leaving the baby out! We carry a selection of unique baby gifts that are soft, plush and just downright adorable. Our stuffed animals will become a favorite of the child as they grow, and this mischievous family of monkeys will be close companions. Snugglers, towels, and a soft belly blanket are all designed to provide practical use while looking almost as cute as your baby.

new baby new baby

We encourage you to speak with one of our expert florists to design the perfect new mom/ new baby gift. We can combine her favorite flowers with balloons, plush and more to create something unique just for her. After all, there is nothing more special and unique than a new baby.



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