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People’s Flowers – Poinsettias

During the Christmas season, it seems poinsettias are everywhere. From shopping malls to restaurants to Christmas displays, the poinsettia has a special place in our holiday decorating. In its native Mexico, the flower is known as “The Flower of the Holy Night”, and many have associated the shape of this brilliant red plant with the Star of Bethlehem itself.

While poinsettias are not the easiest of houseplants to keep looking beautiful for long periods of time; with a little attention, you’ll be enjoying this seasonal plant into the new year.

Finally, People’s Flowers would like to dispel a popular myth. The poinsettia has been rumored to be not only beautiful, but poisonous; this reputation, however, is unfounded. Although certainly the plants are not meant for human (or pets) to eat, and some may be allergic – the plant has been deemed non-toxic. Quite the opposite, actually; the poinsettia is among houseplants known to remove pollutants from indoor air. So decorate away! The poinsettia is safe, traditionally beautiful and helps air quality. You can purchase poinsettia plants, holiday floral arrangements and Christmas gifts online, or by stopping by People’s Flowers in Albuquerque.