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Posted by peoplesflowers on March 16, 2015 Flowers

What Gifts to Give for St. Patrick’s Day

social copyIt is almost that time of year when green and white seem to appear just about everywhere. St. Patrick’s Day is nearly here, which is the perfect time to celebrate Irish heritage and the fun traditions that come with the holiday. From parades to toasts to eating green food, this holiday is the perfect reason to enjoy oneself with family and friends.

At Peoples Flower Shops, we also find that giving a gift of flowers can be a wonderful way to celebrate with those special people in life. Flowers can help add some color and decoration to a home or office and they are an excellent way to say, “I care.” We love helping customers find the perfect arrangements for St. Patrick’s Day. Here are a few of our favorites.

Light Green Roses

These stunning light green roses are wonderful for the feast day of the patron saint of Ireland. Calling to mind green and the luck of the Irish, these roses will look incredible in a vase in nearly any room of the house. The rose itself is a classic gift that people appreciate while selecting green makes it even more appropriate for the March celebrations. This gift is sure to put a smile on the face of the recipient.

Potted Plant

Potted plants tend to make excellent St. Patrick’s Day gifts because their lovely green color serves two purposes. First, people love the plant because the color is just right for the holiday. Secondly, the potted plant can live inside and continue to contribute to fresh air while also adding a bit of beauty to the area. Although the green of the plant perfectly matches the holiday, it also continues to look lively long after the holiday is over.


Chartreuse Squared

Creative Green Cube

Many people enjoy using unique flower vases, such as a cube, to hold their arrangements. This cube features delightful blooms such as white roses, green “Kermit” poms, and some other beautiful green blooms. The green and white look fantastic together and create a unique look that will fit together on any table or desk.

Flowers make a spectacular gift for a number of different occasions, including St. Patrick’s Day. Celebrate with that special person in life by giving them a gift of some stunning flowers. It will light up their day and their home and get everyone ready to celebrate the luck of the Irish.