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Posted by peoplesflowers on November 12, 2014 | Last Updated: October 7, 2020 Flowers

Using Chrysanthemums in your Floral Bouquets

shutterstock_220795183During the month of November, flower arrangements that contain the beautiful chrysanthemum bloom are particularly appropriate. This is the flower of the month, and the beautiful range of colors that these flowers have been cultivated for mean that everyone will appreciate a gift of these blooms.

The chrysanthemum has been popular around the world for thousands of years. During that time, it has come to mean many different things to different cultures. In Asia, for example, it is often associated with life and rebirth. Conversely, in Europe it is seen as a symbol of sympathy. For Americans in the United States, the flower lends itself strongly to sentiments of love, respect, happiness, and honor.

This range of emotions means that there are numerous different occasions when the flower would be appropriate. Couples enjoy giving them to each other for anniversaries, particularly the 13th wedding anniversary, when it is the traditional flower. Others might use them for birthday gifts, hostess gifts, and even sympathy gifts. Here are a few types of arrangements where the beauty of the chrysanthemum really stands out.

Fall themes

The fall always offers ample opportunities for giving flowers. From birthdays to Thanksgiving to wanting to just show someone how much they matter, combining some gorgeous chrysanthemums with flowers such as coffee berry, gerbera daisies, and lilies can create a heart-warming arrangement that is perfect for any fall occasion. These flowers will light up the room and will be appreciated by all.

Sympathy and funerals

thumbnailWhen a family and their friends are preparing to say goodbye to a loved one, they often seek beautiful flowers that will reflect their love and admiration for the person. Chrysanthemums, with their soft beauty and rich symbolize of love, make for a wonderful addition to any bouquet for a funeral or to express sympathy.

For friends and family members looking to send the perfect arrangement to the funeral home or to the family of the departed, an arrangement that combines chrysanthemums with flowers such as carnations and larkspur will be most appropriate. The lovely colors and flowers along the with the sentiments and symbols behind them will be appreciated.

The family members and close friends looking to find the right flowers to decorate the funeral home, chrysanthemums can be a wonderful choice once again. Combining white chrysanthemums with white roses and similar blooms with create the appearance of elegance and love for the departed.

During the month of November, give someone a smile and show them how much they are loved, whether they are celebrating a holiday or in mourning. Regardless of the occasion, chrysanthemums are the perfect flower to communicate the message.