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The Eight Days of Hanukkah

The story of Hanukkah goes that the Maccabees had returned to the temple from victory. When they arrived and were to light the Menorah, they found that there was only enough oil for a single day. And, with the preparation of the oil to take a whole week, they knew that they would soon be without the light.

However, the story goes onto say that the oil lasted for not one day but eight days, giving them enough time to produce more oil for the Menorah. This event became known as the miracle of the Menorah. From this miracle came the celebration of Hanukkah.

A Holiday, a Festival – It’s Hanukkah

Today and for many hundreds of years now, we have celebrated Hanukkah over the course of eight days in remembrance of the miracle at the Menorah. Because of these events, Hanukkah has also become known as the festival of lights during which candles are constantly burning to signify the eight-day burning of the oil in the story.

However, there is much more to Hanukkah than just the story that it commemorates.

Hanukkah, as a holiday, festival, or both, is a time of togetherness for family and friends. It is a time of festivities amongst brothers and a time of celebration. Whether for the Maccabees’ victory, thankfulness, or the sake of tradition, Hanukkah is a time to celebrate.


Tradition and Modernism

There are many traditions in Hanukkah from the potlucks of some very yummy fried foods to the spinning of the Dreidel. There are also many modern twists on the holiday. Many families get each other gifts — one for each day of the holiday is a common practice.

While some may believe this modern tradition is merely a spinoff of the Christmas holiday, there is actually a bit more to it. Each day, the oil burned in the miracle of the menorah was a gift to the Maccabees.

The gifts given on Hanukkah essentially represent each day and as a gift that the Menorah continued to burn on.

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