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How to Show your Employees You Appreciate Them

Companies all over Albuquerque have the chance to show their employees, how much they appreciate them on Friday March 6th. Ever since 1995, when the first ever National Employee Appreciation Day was observed, the first Friday of March has been recognized as the official day on which bosses throughout the country can express their appreciation for the employees who make companies what they are. Without the hard working employees whose efforts often go unrecognized, most companies wouldn’t be as successful as they are.

We decided to help employers recognize the contribution their employees make to the company, so we came up with some suggestions to help bosses who may be looking for gifts for their workers.

Croton Plant

If your workplace has plenty of light, there is no better way to brighten an employee’s office than with a Croton Plant. This spectacular plant has very large leaves. As long as the plant grows in a sunny enough location, the entire workplace can enjoy the unique color combinations seen in the variegated leaves. Shiny dark green leaves are mottled with yellow, while other leaves combine bright yellow and red, or deep red and green. This plant truly brings the outside atmosphere right into the office.

Pothos is a very easy plant to grow. It doesn’t require much care, and it can grow in any environment. Best of all, this plant thrives in areas where there is little to no daylight at all. Pothos is often confused with Philodendron, the plant with small heart-shaped dark green leaves. One of the things people love most about this plant is the fact that you can take cuttings from it, and you can root the cuttings quickly in water. Place this plant on the floor, on a desk or table, or hang it from a hook in the ceiling. It is a spectacular hanging plant.

Add a splash of color and a tropical flair to the office with this Bromeliad Plant. Bromeliads are found in tropical rainforests, but your office will perk up and feel like a relaxing oasis with this spectacularly showy plant. Bromeliads are characterized by heir shallow roots, interesting leaves, and a flower that grows from the center of the plant. Pineapple is probably the most familiar bromeliad.

This year, show your employees how much you appreciate them. Give them a fun, colorful, easy-to-care for, plant. You’ll purify the office air and help your employees focus and concentrate in the process.