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Relaxing on Labor Day

labor dayTo most of us, Labor Day is the official end of the summer. Sad as that may be, it is also often a day off from work, and one last opportunity to enjoy summertime relaxation.

But Labor Day is more than just an excuse for a long weekend. The holiday commemorates a landmark victory for laborers everywhere. Over 100 years ago, workers toiled in tough conditions, were paid very little, and were coerced into working exceptionally long hours, even when sick or injured. Tradition tells us that in 1872, after working too many tedious shifts in unacceptable conditions, Peter McGuire invited thousands of workers to a rally together to demand better working conditions. In 1882, he put forth the idea of a holiday for workers, and on September 5 of that same year, more than 10,000 workers participated in the first Labor Day parade in New York City. In 1894, Congress enacted national legislation to officially recognize Labor Day.

labor day

Early Labor Days were celebrated with parades, picnics, and fireworks – and many still spend the long weekend with backyard barbecues and relaxation. If your Labor Day will be spent on the back deck with family and friends, don’t forget to add the ambiance by decorating with summertime flowers. Bright, vibrant, and sunny floral arrangements will allow you to bask in the glow of summer for a few more hours, ignoring the impending arrival of fall, school and cooler weather. Our Vase of Sunshine or Summer Sunflowers bouquets are the perfect way to bring the sun to the party.

We at People’s Flowers would like to express our appreciation to all the workers – those ordinary Americans whose work ethic over the last century has built this incredible country. We look forward to helping to celebrate this day which truly celebrates us all. Come into one of our Albequerque locations to choose the best flowers or plants to accessorize your day off – then go home and relax.