Puppy Day Emphasizes Need for Adoption

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puppy day

National Puppy Day was established by animal advocates who saw the need for awareness and education regarding the plight of puppies in the United States. It is estimated that only 1 in 10 puppies born each year will spend their full life in a loving family home. Instead, along with their adult counterparts, over 4 million canines will enter into the shelter system this year – a number that sadly, the system cannot accommodate. Organizers of National Puppy Day strive to inform pet owners of the problem, encourage puppy adoption, and help to significantly decrease the number of unwanted puppies born each year.

Did You Know? If you are an animal lover and would like to help, it is as easy as ordering your bouquets and arrangements from Peoples Flowers. Through our Helping Hands Program, you can choose to make a donation to Animal Humane New Mexico with every online purchase. puppy day

Here are some statistics that may surprise you about puppies and dogs in the United States.

* Approximately 47% of households have at least one dog, representing approximately 80 million pets.
* Shelter dogs are most often surrendered because the family is moving.
* Shelter puppies most often arrive because they are born into an unplanned or unwanted litter.
* Pet owners can have the greatest impact on the crisis simply by spaying and neutering their animals.
* Less than 10% of shelter dogs are considered to have a bad temperament or bad behaviors.
* Fostering puppies can help to socialize them and give them the best chance at adoption.
* Nearly 1.7 million dogs are euthanized annually due to lack of space and resource.

puppy day

Adopting a shelter pet quite literally saves a life. National Puppy Day reminds us to consider a shelter pet before going to a commercial breeder. And did you know? 25% of the dogs in shelters are purebred animals from breeders.  These joyful and loyal animals need our help to find happy forever homes. From awareness campaigns to adoption to donating time and money, there are many ways we can help.

To thank a local Albuquerque shelter worker for all they do – or to celebrate the adoption of a new puppy into the family – flowers always make a meaningful statement. Call Peoples Flowers for all of life’s occasions, large or small.



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