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Posted by peoplesflowers on February 26, 2018 Flowers

Pretty Flowers For You

At Peoples Flower Shops, we know how healing flowers and plants can be. We spend our days with them, and we’re knowledgeable about all the studies that point to their benefits. We observe them make people happy day after day, and we don’t mean just the recipient of a flower gift. We see how happy both the giver and the receiver are in a flower exchange, and that, friends, is exactly why you should be giving flowers to yourself.

If you become the person who both gives and receives the flowers, you amplify your happiness. It’s the same principle behind making time to get a pedicure, or to indulge in a good book, or to take a nap or a vacation. Of course these are also important aspects of self-care, too, going far to help us relax and reconnect. But part of the pleasure we take in giving ourselves gifts like these is that we’re the one giving them, and we’re the ones deciding we deserve it. It’s a wonderful boost to and acknowledgment of our self-worth.

Just imagine the happiness that would come from having this sweet bowl of pink roses, big and small, delivered to your door. And because you chose them, you get to put them in your personal space—on a desk, on your nightstand—or decide to share the good vibes with everyone else and display them in a common area. Either way, giving yourself the gift of flowers is one way of making yourself feel special and loved by the most important person, you.